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❤️‍? Get Motivated the Qigong Way

❤️‍? Get Motivated the Qigong Way

The Club is Now Open!

We heard you loud and clear! You wanted daily routines to tap into your life-force energy, get fit and boost personal radiance.

We spent the last two years building the perfect routines, and people are already getting more fit! We combined Qigong with Yoga and strength training to do anytime using just your phone!

“Face and body tapping, shaking my body. Thank you so much, please keep on teaching us. I haven’t felt this good in years. Keep the knowledge coming. ?” — Donna A., who had two failed back surgeries before finding comfort and healing in Qigong.


Monday Motivator

Warm-up: Arm Swing, Neck Roll, Yin Massage
Routine: Quadruple Arm Swing, The Pump, Chi Shower, Iron Body, Pushups, Leg Lifts
Cool down: Chi Clear, Smiling Chi Meditation, The Lotus Flower

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Tuesday Tune-up

Warm-up: Maha Mudra
Routine: Iron Boby, Chi Shower, Jump-rope-jacks, Pushups, Boat Pose
Cool down: Eagle Rising, Smiling Chi Meditation, The Lotus Flower

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Wednesday Workout

Warm up: Arm swing
Routine: Raising Hands to Heaven, The Archer, Separating Heaven and Earth, The Owl, The Bear, Touching Toes ton Purge Kidneys, Fist with Fierce Gaze, Shaking the Tree
Cool down: Smiling Chi Meditation

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Thursday Therapy

Opening Meditation: Shuddi (Detachment)
Warm-up: Smiling Chi, Hip Circles
Routine: Lower Dantian Chi Renew, entering Chi with Prayerful Hands,
Arm swing, Neck roll, Pulling Chi From the Earth, Pump, bouncing, louhan patting,
Cool down: The Lotus Flower

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Friday Facelift

Face Yoga: Tapping, Shoulder roll, Cheek Massage, Neck-tongue Yoga, Eye circles , Jaw pinch, Full fingers tapping
Routine: Iron Body (Luohan Patting)
Warm-up: Arm Swing, Neck Roll, Yin Massage
Exercises: Boat Pose, The Cobra, Push-ups
Cool down: Shaking the Tree

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Saturday Superpower

Warm-up: Maha, Bouncing, Patting
Routine: Tiger form (complete lesson)
Cool down: Lotus

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Sunday Stretch

Warm up: Arm Swing, Neck Roll, Aura Clear, Victory Pose, Tow Touch
Routine: Tree Pose, Triangle, Shoulder stand, Scissors, Sit ups, Boat Pose, Downward Dog, Japanese Seiza Sitting Meditation, Planks (2 forms), Push-ups, Dumbbells
Cool down: Japanese Laying Stretch, Eagle Rising, The Lotus Flower

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“Welcome to the Club! We keep you moving in fun and exciting ways! Let’s stay young-at-heart together!” — Joe

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