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15 of the Rarest Photos From History

15 of the Rarest Photos From History

Each Picture Tells an Incredible Story

Justin Bieber at age 13 sings for passer-bys in Stratford, Canada, 2007.

“You’ve come a long way baby…” Marlene Dietrich gets detained at a train station in Paris in 1933 for violation of the ban on women wearing pants.

Michael Jackson and Donald Trump ride a plane together to pay a visit to young AIDS patient Ryan White in 1990. The Sikh on Trump’s left is Mani Khalsa, Michael’s personal chef.

During the Spanish Flu in 1918, this family’s cat somehow put up with being masked. Who knows how long that lasted…

In 1922, children going into a diabetic coma were often assumed to be a lost cause. In this photo, scientists enter a ward of dying children in a state of comatose diabetic ketoacidosis. However on one fateful day, a new drug was introduced known as insulin. As families were already beginning to grieve for their lost children, doctors began the injections. Before the last person on the ward received an injection, the first woke up. One by one, all of the children woke and a room of gloom transformed into a place of joy.

In 1890, this was the “World’s Fattest Man” featured in a circus. Many say our modern processed food is at the root of America’s obesity problem, as this man would simply be seen as “overweight” today.
Inn 1992, Angelina Jolie looks beyond her 17 years of life.

A young Leonardo DiCaprio glares at the camera in 1996.

Albert Einstein sports fuzzy slippers in the 1950s, a look into the whimsical nature of the scientist of imagination.

Shaquille O’Neal holds Bill Gates in 1999.

A policeman stops traffic in New York to allow a mother cat holding her kitten to cross safely, circa 1925.

A man refuses to do the Nazi salute to 1936. He was later identified as August Landmesser who was dating a Jewish woman. The brave man later died in forced military service.

This inspiring photo from Grand Central Station in New York City in 1929 is no longer possible to see, as skyscrapers outside now block the sun, a kind of metaphor for where modernity has taken us. Photo by Louis Faurer.

In an effort to soothe the mind and boost the healing of a child in 1956, doctors placed ducklings next to the patient’s bed in this medical therapy exercise.

Amazing how a photo can move us…

Interestingly, these amazing photos came before smart phones, when we couldn’t take a hundred pictures a day. And that’s our gentle reminder that quality always rules over quantity.

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