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A “Digital Credit Union” for Gen Z

A “Digital Credit Union” for Gen Z

Banking Will Never Be The Same

Nearly 50 percent of Millennials are comfortable owning crypto, a report says. That’s up from 37 percent for Gen X, and 22 percent for the Boomers.

That means Gen Z is expected to embrace crypto more than any other generation, not only as a currency but as a platform for services.

This makes the time ripe for a crypto credit union.

Introducing hi, a new financial services company built on the blockchain, launched by heavy hitters like the founders of and

What makes hi so appealing to the younger generations is that everything functions where they’re most comfortable: on their smart phone.

Born from the late 90s until about 2010, Gen Z is sometimes referred to as the “unbanked” due to their aversion to traditional financial services, and distrust of large institutions.

But hi seeks to be everything Gen Z desires: easy to use from their phone with fast and low-fee transactions, able to hold multiple cryptos all in one place and even trade and send them to friends through popular apps.

But hi goes beyond traditional financial services, as a not-for-profit whose aim is to make the world a better place, hi offers free MasterClass subscriptions to its members.

What a perfect thing for a young person to be able to pursue their passion from a trusted expert, all for free as a benefit of banking with hi.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Members who hold enough hi dollars are able to get perks at five star hotels, subscription services like Netflix, and even games to be built on the blockchain. What Gen Z kid doesn’t enjoy games?

With blockchain dreams covering everything from smart contracts like NFT purchases to decentralized apps, the sky is the limit for what the hi ecosystem could be able to accomplish.

Another cool thing about hi is how members can hold many digital currencies all in one place. Keeping them in the hi network allows crypto to be easily transferred, exchanged, or just held onto for the various perks, not to mention the interest rates that exceed offerings from the old-school credit unions.

Even PayPal and Venmo better watch out, as hi lets friends transfer money to each other, even if one recipient doesn’t have a hi account.

It’s easy to convert hi dollars, the official token of, to other crypto or fiat dollars and then send it through apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Another huge perk for younger investors is feeless banking. When you’re starting out in the world, fees can really add up fast and began to take a chunk of that earnings pie. But hi, based on a not-for-profit model, aims to have zero fees on their blockchain, which would be a revolution in itself.

That’s right, while other blockchains like Solana or Harmony One boast of super-low transaction fees, the goal of hi is *zero* transaction fees.

There’s also a lot of benefits to those who hold hi dollars, like discounts on 5-star hotels when traveling, and the classes mentioned earlier for Gen Z to learn new skills taught by veterans in their art.

Tomorrow is already here.

To say that companies like hi are the future of banking is an understatement. The youth will gravitate toward a company that not only offers lifestyle benefits and great interest rates, but one that offers access to various cryptocurrencies that are currently in a bull market.

As hi attracts more and more young people, and even expand their base to other ages, it’s not unthinkable to see them reach their ultimate goal of 1 billion members.

This would mean we’re moving into a much friendlier world of convenient financial services for everyone.

Say “hi” to the future.

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Standard disclaimers: This is not financial advice, and meant for educational purposes only. Note the author may hold the coins mentioned and received compensation for writing this article. Remember: Trading cryptocurrency is extremely risky and people should only invest what they can afford to lose.