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A “Great Reveal” is Coming in 2023 — But Will It Be Too Late for Humanity?

A “Great Reveal” is Coming in 2023 — But Will It Be Too Late for Humanity?

The U.S. Government is Preparing to do the Unthinkable

Many believe that if the government knew about intelligent life from another world, they’d hide it from us to prevent panic.

But after more than two years of “pandemic panic,” discovering the truth about life from another planet might be more like group therapy. Such a revelation might cause us to realize our commonalities.

What’s changed is that reports of UFO’s have grown too frequent to ignore, evidence is getting declassified, and there are even claims they’ve become so common in war zones that military forces have begun firing on them.

And now, with the National Defense Authorization Act coming in 2023, the government appears to finally be going on a search for the truth.

But will the truth set us free?

Stunning Secrets Could Become Public

With Congress deciding to take UFO reports seriously for the first time in 50 years, documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell said it’s just the beginning of what could lead to the biggest reveal in human history.

He said there’s a couple reasons things have hit mission critical:

  • Russia, Syria, and even the United States military have reportedly started firing on UFOs around active war zones in the Middle East. After US intelligence realized Russia was also firing on them, the question arose as to who owns these crafts.
  • Recently declassified footage of UFO’s swarming around a U.S. warship can no longer be easily dismissed as weather balloons, drones or photographic irregularities. They could also pose a threat to other aircraft, and anyone in the vicinity.
  • Corbell claims defense contractors may be in possession of alien craft and are trying to reverse-engineer them, yet without government oversight. The government wants to change that.

As for UFOs getting fired on within war zones, “Anything within 27 to 30 miles of ground troops gets fired upon,” Corbell claimed in a new interview with Joe Rogan.

However, he said the military is attempting to reduce this activity by specifying which craft can be fired upon and which can be ignored.

Corbell said he became privy to documents saying if a craft doesn’t look like it has a “payload,” it can be disregarded as a non-threat. He thinks this is to help prevent firing on UFO’s that could be simply observing the conflict. Without a bomb or missile to carry, they aren’t considered a threat, Corbell explained.

Opening the Floodgates in 2023

In an unprecedented move, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to create a secure system for reporting possible otherworldly crafts.

The amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act is “to compel current and former officials to reveal what they might know about the mysterious phenomena by promising to protect them from reprisal,” according to Politico.

Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon official who recently went public about sightings, said this “legislation may open the floodgates” of evidence.

“If you ever signed an NDA relating to one of these illegal programs without oversight,” said Corbell, “you’’ll be able to come forward. And if there’s any reprisal from companies involved, you have ways to defend yourself.”

Corbell adding the amendment removes the cap of $300,000 of what could be awarded from reprisals.

Could this leaving humanity finally certain that we are not alone?

Guesses as to “how”

Corbell, behind the ground-breaking documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers,” said he believes other civilizations may have figured out how to “fall into time and space.”

He claims the government is also looking at gravity propulsion as a means to which these “trans-medium” crafts may operate, as they can seemingly pass through space, air and sea.

Final takeaways

With the government no longer “protecting” the public from panic over UFO’s, our understanding of the universe may take a quantum leap in 2023.

And it couldn’t come at a better time, with civil unrest sweeping across the world, maybe humanity could use a reminder that we’re one species on a beautiful yet fragile spaceship.

Maybe the truth can set us free. 🛸

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