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A Real “Don’t Look Up” Moment

A Real “Don’t Look Up” Moment

When the Midwest realized Climate Change is Real

I saw the news that scientists figured out why people were losing beach-front in our area.

The glaciers that formed the Great Lakes were melting, raising water levels, eroding beach front to the point where some homes were falling into the water.

For those who were previously in denial, it was just like the scene in Netflix’s new movie, Don’t Look Up, when people who were in denial about an asteroid heading toward earth realized it’s about to strike, and now too it’s late to do anything about it.

Don’t Look Up, You Might See the Truth

The cast of “Don’t Look Up.”
The cast of “Don’t Look Up.” Credit: Netflix.

But this wasn’t a Netflix movie, this was the real world.

And I’m sure many who watched these homes slide into Lake Michigan are wondering the same thing. “Had we listened to the scientists, could we have prevented this?

The loss of homes and precious beach front isn’t political, or part of a left-wing conspiracy, it’s a physical reality reported in the news.

But This Was More Like “Don’t Look Down.”

Two homes collapse into Lake Michigan.
Homes slide into Lake Michigan on New Year’s Eve just before just before 2020 began. Mother Nature was already making bold statements, and a pandemic would follow. Credit: Fox Detroit

Just like in “Don’t Look Up,” many would not believe the scientists until they saw the physical reality of our lives and Earth permanently changing.

I was heartened that there was no more arguing, just a moment of silence for the reality setting in … a moment of quiet despair as everyone finally “looked up.”

I belong to the old school where there was an unwritten rule: Don’t discuss religion or politics at the dinner table.

Maybe these words need to be written down and plastered on billboards today, because we’ve forgotten it. We’re losing our civility, and we don’t even want to imagine where that could lead us next.

It’s not that politics and religion aren’t important, it’s that they’re so important that we shouldn’t get personal about them and argue in social settings. That erodes the very fabric of democracy.

Maybe that’s what we all need, a moment of silence while we remember that we have more in common than differences.

It’s even harder to fight a pandemic when things like masks and vaccines take political sides. People have a right to their opinions on these matters, but without using them like weapons against others.

Final thoughts…

If we are to remain civil with each other, and avoid another Civil War, we must agree to disagree and not use politics as weapons in personal spheres. This will also help set a good example to the world of how to be a democracy existing in harmony.

It’s paramount to realize we’re all riding on the same spaceship together which could be in great peril… We need to look up, down, and all around … and most importantly, we need to look with respect toward each other. That’s what will keep us united to fight the challenges we’re all now facing.