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Actually, She’s At the Peak of Health, says this Ancient Healing System

Actually, She’s At the Peak of Health, says this Ancient Healing System

Deeper Wisdom From Indian Health Gurus

When Jordan Petersen called the Yumi Nu cover photo, “Not beautiful,” she needed only one response: “I win, you lose.”

And she’s right, she’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated, he isn’t.

And while the photo stirred the pot on social media, one major point seems to have been missed…

In Western culture, we have one body type that we consider healthy: slim and slightly muscular. Anyone who falls outside this narrow scope is considered “not healthy” or “not beautiful.”

It turns out, this view can be dangerous to the health of about a third of the population.

In Ayurveda — the oldest healing system on the planet — there are three body types considered healthy for humans.

The body types are composed of five elements: earth, air, space (or ether), fire and water. These combine to create the Doshas, which are three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity.

Here they are:


The same yogis who could meditate themselves into higher consciousness to discover unseen forces like the bioelectricmagnetic field (the aura), also discovered the three body types.

Most of us are one dominant type, or a mix of two doshas. In rare cases, someone is “tri-doshic,” meaning they’re equal blends of the three.

For example, if you’re a true Kapha, then trying to be skinny could be the most unhealthy thing you do to yourself.

The model, Yumi Nu, exhibits many traits of a Kapha, so most likely she’s in her ideal body type already.

I’m a mix of Vata and Pitta. Before I knew this, I had issues…

I was heavy-set some years back, fine for a Kapha but not for me. Only after I figured out my Dosha, did I begin eating the proper foods and living the right lifestyle for my type.

Knowing your Dosha is one of the most major aspects of health in ancient India, yet the West is mostly blind to it.

Meanwhile, we still see people fat-shaming others, expecting everyone to fit into one mold… This is not only oppressive, but dangerous to a Kapha’s health.

A little more about each Dosha…

Vatas are often the creative ones, fast-flying like the wind. Their problems usually often relate to being too dry or cold, anxious…Warm foods and root vegetables does a Vata good.

A Pitta is a leader, charismatic, someone who loves to work out. They have a strong inner fire, so digest food well and experience as well. But due to their temper, they do better in cooler weather and eating cooling foods.

The Kaphas hold society together. They are the caretakers, the nurses, the singers and heavy-lifters. They’re the people we rely on for stability. Kaphas do best to keep things moving, including their routines and switching out the types of food they eat.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. After I found out my Dosha, life got a lot better for me. I refer to remedies for my dosha-type whenever I have some issue and even teach others how to discover there Dosha. It’s been a lifesaver.

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