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Attraction Beyond the 5 Senses

Attraction Beyond the 5 Senses

What You’ve Been Missing…

People go to some interesting extremes to look good, and our economy revolves around the desire to be hot.

But, have you ever met that person who can wear a simple t-shirt and jeans yet allure people wherever they go?

How about the laid-back guy with the disheveled hair who always has an attractive woman nearby? On the flip side, how about a woman who attracts admirers with or without makeup?

How does that happen? Because there’s more going on with attraction than meets the eye. Humans are multi-sensory beings, and I’m not just talking about the five senses.

We Use More than 5 Senses to Spot Attractiveness

Some experts say we have 18 senses, like our sense of space (proprioception) which includes sensing where parts of your body are (like when police ask drivers to touch their finger to the tip of their nose, that’s testing this sense).

Then there’s our ability to sense heat and cold (thermoception). Yeah, there’s a word for that.

But the most intriguing extrasensory perception in regards to attraction would be our intuition. This is what yogis call the “third eye,” the inner vision that discerns our life-path better than our mind and ego.

The third eye has also been called the seat of the soul, so getting in touch with your intuition will increase your chances of finding your soulmate.

That’s what we’ll focus on here, ways to activate attraction that aren’t those run-of-the-mill fixes with a price-tag attached.

How To Be More Attractive at the Root Level:

Eating slowly is seductive.
Not only will your food digest better giving you more nutrients which will put better color in your face, it’s attractive. That’s right, studies have shown that chewing slowly is alluring to the opposite sex, let your imagination figure out why.

Movement brings lightness of being.
Still water becomes putrid water. As we’re 80 percent water, how do you think sitting still for too long makes you look? Living a stagnant life make people frumpy looking. Try to get at least two walks a day, that gave me huge results, including better writing as I get good ideas when I stop trying and get into nature. You’ll give off a better vibe than somebody who sits all day. Any exercise counts here.

Good posture brings admiration.
Walk slow and upright. Simple hack: Pretend you’re holding up a imaginary tail, it’ll not only make your “tail” more attractive, it’s good for your overall body and even your attitude.

Water brings the good life.
I always have some form of water nearby, whether flavored or not. Staying hydrated will keep that shine on the skin.

Longevity and beauty are bestowed from fruits and vegetables. Eating healthier, expansive food make one look better, within minutes. You’ll live longer too.

Smiles attract the fun people
Essentially you close your eyes and think of something you love until you get a big smile on your face, next visualize that radiating through your body. Then open your eyes and enjoy life more. Happiness is the biggest attractor there is.

“You are as young as you are flexible.” — a yogic saying.
Practices like yoga and qigong help you stretch your body as well as smooth out your “energetic body,” ie your vibe. If your vibe isn’t complete, it’s like that V8 commercial where people walk around crooked until they drink a V8. This is what stretching does, makes you look complete and upright, cool, attractive.

Use less to get more.
Don’t over-cologne or perfume. Focus more on hygiene (especially oral).

Summon your abundance.
Feeling blessed is the opposite of desperate (or thirsty as gen z says). It gives off a pleasing aura which is attractive other high-frequency people and abundance into your life.

Letting Go Brings What You Want.
Finding moments to let go of your thoughts and focus on your breath (aka meditation) has been shown to make people look younger and increase skin elasticity. Search around your favorite music service to find a meditation or breathing exercise that works for you.

Final thought: A stunning flower isn’t that way because somebody painted the petals, but because it had great nutrients, sunlight, plenty of water and fertile soil. That’s what I hope these tips do for you, nourish you at the root level of attraction, and make you feel better along the way too.