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Before Writing Your Next Headline, Watch This…

Before Writing Your Next Headline, Watch This…

I Don’t Hit Publish Without It

Everyone reads the headline, which usually determines if they read the article. With so much power, headline-writing skills are essential for your writing success.

Turns out there’s an app for that, or a website actually.

The Sharethrough Headline Analyzer uses Behavior Model theory, neuroscience, and ad research to rate headlines on a scale of 1 to 100.

It’s the ultimate tool for improving click-through rates on your Medium stories.

I’ve tried other headline optimizers and ratings systems, but this one tops them all. I actually learn more about how readers think by using it.

Of course, I used it for this article, so here’s the evolution of the headline for this piece:

Want to Get More Reads? Check Out this Headline Tool… Score: 66
Don’t Write Another Headline Without This… Score: 69
Before Writing Your Next Headline, Read This… Score: 76
Before Writing Your Next Headline, Watch This… Score: 79

Notice how “Watch This” performed a bit better than “Read This.”

So, there you go, brave writer. Go forth and write headlines that sizzle! Then test them to see if you can turn up the heat even more.