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Booster and Flu Shots Together? It wasn’t the plan, but…

Booster and Flu Shots Together? It wasn’t the plan, but…

Don’t Try This At Home

I didn’t plan on being a double-jabber, I just heard my phone chime, and it was the pharmacy saying it’s time for my Covid booster. Who was I to argue?

I also planned on getting the flu shot. I always do, but not at the same time. I wanted to let my body adjust to the Moderna booster.

The first two Moderna shots gave me some lag for a day or two but didn’t knock me out. So, I felt okay about it.

Also, I’ve had plenty of flu shots before. While Western medicine mainly offers after-the-fact treatments instead of prevention, but vaccines teach a body how to slay invaders before they arrive in their full form.

And even if someone says there’s something “weird” about the vaccine, I trust my body to know it will figure it out and become even stronger afterward. I believe in the “anti-fragile” phenomenon, which means allowing exposure to adversity makes us stronger.

I also believe our cells respond to our attitudes, an idea backed up by Harvard. So, if I meditate on my cells dancing with these vaccines, they’ll do it. Same thing if I’m sick, I meditate on antibodies destroying whatever’s in me. I do other stuff too, but this is a way to rally the “troops.”

However, I may have had a bit of overconfidence when I arrived at the pharmacy to get my Covid booster…

When I arrived at the pharmacy…

It was so quiet, everybody was so calm, I just had to ask, “Would I be able to get the flu shot too? Or is that not cool?”

“Oh yeah, of course,” was essentially the reply.

The pharmacists are always so confident. I like them that way. Like the vivacious woman who gave me my second Covid shot. I asked her if it slowed her down at all, like many said it did. She simply replied, “I got a little tired, but then I had a cup of coffee!” (twinkling smile).

So, mainly to save some time, I added a flu shot to the menu.

I could sense my intuition wasn’t totally pleased with the decision, as usually happens when the ego decides to take leap like that.

The shots went well. I shopped around the store a little bit and headed home.

I did feel a bit lightheaded and tired within about an hour, and decided to take the rest of the day off of work.

That seemed pretty normal. I woke up the next day, and started work again. I felt a little tender, like my body was up to something big, but I wasn’t down. My arm was pretty damn sore, though.

A few days went by…

I felt a bit of lag, but nothing to write home about. Then, another symptom grew in intensity.

I was parked by a lake writing on my laptop, when I went to take a walk. Suddenly, I became very cold.

While I was near Lake Michigan (which gives Chicago it’s “Windy City” name) this was a different cold. I started getting severe chills to the point I almost felt like I could hardly breathe. I charged back to my car and turned the heat on full blast, putting my hands on the heating vents.

Luckily, the circulation in my hands quickly carried the warmth throughout my body and I was OK. But I headed home pretty shaken.

It had been four days since my double shot, and I could hardly get warm that evening. I put on layers of clothes and sat next to a heater. I took a hot bath which worked for a while, but about half an hour after I started getting frigid again.

I guessed it was my body going crazy producing antibodies, using my internal heater to pull it off, which left little energy left to heat me.

This Year’s Flu Shot Covers Four Strains

Later on, I realized that the flu shot protect against four flu strains, but this is actually pretty common. What’s uncommon is throwing in a Covid booster…

My conclusions…

Doing it again, I would get the Covid booster first, and probably wait about a week or two to get the flu shot.

Also, and this is big: I’d prepare as much for the flu shot as the Covid shot, using my own wellness techniques I developed over years to self-care both before and after the shots.

Do I know for sure what caused my sudden chills? No. But this is what happened after my double-jab. And I believe sharing such experiences helps form a first-hand perspective on everything.

How am I doing now?

It’s been 5 days since I was shaking cold. My body is heating itself again 😊. But with all this vax craziness and arguing going on, I may need a couple more shots … not for inoculation, for inebriation. 🥴 ✍️

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