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Genius Turner is Up to Something Big

Genius Turner is Up to Something Big

Find Out What the Prolific Writer Has Been Up to Lately

Genius Turner, a writer who articulates captivating columns on Medium and racks up millions of reads on Quora, spoke candidly and eloquently about humanity’s future.

I caught up with Genius recently by phone for a podcast during what he described as a rare tranquil day in Manhattan.

Genius believes humanity is on a crash course for greatness. Even with the horror going on around us, he sees the light in the darkness that he says will grow brighter until humanity becomes what he describes as a “final species.”

Thus, the title of his book and blog, Final Species Code.

He sees a spiritual version of the Theory of Evolution unfolding.

This advanced human will be comfortable with the marriage of science and spirituality, after the two started mingling with the dawn of quantum physics.

The interview was like being a soul on the astral plane ruminating about the crazy physical plane we call earth, not only hoping things work out, but awaiting humanity’s best acts to come.

Genius also talks about what he’s been writing lately, in addition to his book. He gives some insights into his current writing priorities.

For anyone who loves his writing on Medium like me, this is for you. And also, for anyone interested in gaining intriguing and promising insights about our future, this is for you too.

Here it is, An Interview with Genius Turner.

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