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“Gentle Giant” Cat is So Big He Gets Mistaken for Dog

“Gentle Giant” Cat is So Big He Gets Mistaken for Dog

Meet The California Cat Living His Best Life

Meet Finn, the incredible Maine Coon cat that is the size of a nine-year-old kid. He may look like a dog, but don’t be fooled, it’s a giant cat.

Finn is now a local celebrity in San Carlos, California, with many doing a double take when seeing him getting walked on a leash. Delighted owner Natalie Bowman often gets a surprise reaction from people around her home in San Carlos, California, with many mistaking her cat for a bobcat, a wildcat, or even a dog.

Bowman adopted Finn when he was three and a half months old, and ever since, Finn has been living his best life, making him a bit expensive to maintain — with a diet costing $150 a month. But Natalie loves him dearly and shares updates on Finn at her TikTok channel.

Despite his size, Finn is a gentle giant, with a docile and curious demeanor. He loves cuddles and being spooned, and is often quite needy. It’s understandable too — with a cat this big, a little extra affection can go a long way! He even gets along splendidly with Natalie’s other cat.

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, and although their thick fur is designed to help them survive the harsh winter climate of Maine, this breed is known for having “dog-like” characteristics.

So the next time you see a dog that looks a little too big around San Carlos, California, don’t be surprised if it turns out to be Finn.

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