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Her Fiancé Said, “It’s Me or the Dog…” And Her Response?

Her Fiancé Said, “It’s Me or the Dog…” And Her Response?

Possibly the Funniest Quora Answer Ever

Dogs are just man’s best friend, they’re often a woman’s too. Millions of women love lavishing their canines with the sweetest affections, sharing scrumptious dinners and even a space in their bed.

And dogs don’t always like their owner’s romantic interests. In fact, many dog owners use their beloved pets to filter out bad actors.

One guy couldn’t take it anymore, and he made the most severe demand on his would-be bride…

Not knowing what to do, she quickly turned to Quora for help.

“What should I do? My fiancé told me to either get rid of our dog or he’s gone.”

The top answer?

A woman who describes herself as a dog handler with a Native American heritage carefully explained how she’d take care of the situation:

“Regretfully I would get a box, put his bedding, his toys, and so on in the box… then I would prepare him for rehoming. I would ensure he was out of my home within the shortest time possible. I would then try never to think of him again.

“And as soon as he was out of there, I would take my beloved dog for a walk.

“Any person who claims to love you but wants to remove things you love from your life isn’t worth investing in.”

answer from Quora

The sheer boldness of the reply combined with the unexpected twist sent this answer into the stratosphere on Quora, with more than 54,000 up-votes and half a million views.

A far less popular answer said forget the dog.

Of course, some guys weren’t amused and one had this to offer:

“The short answer is, get rid of the dog. Your dog should not be more important to you than the man you have agreed to marry. If it is, then you got some serious growing up to do.

“If you care more about your dog than you do your fiance then he should leave you and find someone who will actually care about him.” — Quora

Someone else suggested going for the Win-Win.

One woman said to try to work it out so both can live together…

“Talk to him about it, find out why exactly he doesn’t like the dog. Does the dog always jump in the bed and take up his space? Does the dog chew on his favorite shoes? Does the dog pee all over his nice suit blazer?

“Find out what about the dog is making him willing to give up his fiancée, and offer up solutions in order to keep both him and the dog.”

However, if push comes to shove, the woman said choose the dog first:
“If it comes down to it, get rid of him before the dog. Him demanding that you get rid of things you love, and threatening the relationship can be red flags of abuse and manipulation.” — Quora.


If the guy simply understood how much his fiancée loves her dog, he’d learn to compromise and find ways they can all be happy together.

Placing himself in her shoes is the first step to finding common ground. And who knows, maybe the guy could find a great friend in the dog with a little effort and patience. In the end, finding win-wins is the entire point of marriage.