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How a New Blog Can Earn Income

How a New Blog Can Earn Income

Yes, Virginia, new blogs can make cash.

There’s often a hard way to do something, and an easy way…

Blogging is no different. Many new bloggers put their nose to the grindstone working hard to build traffic and followers before they try to make their first dime.

The problem is doing that can take so long that the blogger might give up their dream of earning extra cash from doing what they love.

Luckily, this is avoidable.

Conventional wisdom says a blog needs a “tribe” or high-ranking posts saturating Google to earn income. So, many bloggers focus all their energy on those goals, diligently writing posts, networking on social media, all the while hoping someday the stars align and their blog starts making money.

The truth is, if you keep it simple and focus only on what matters, the path to success could be easier than you think.

There’s no shortage of big-wig bloggers detailing how they created their money-making blogs (and many will charge you to get the full scoop). But I do include affiliate links, which just means I may get a small commission for orders from the trusted sites I mention.

To save you the time (and money), here’s the top tips from the pros:

  • Start with a self-hosted WordPress blog
  • Pick a profitable niche within your passion
  • Post regularly or hire writers to post for you
  • Optimize content for your niche with SEO
  • Guest write for other blogs
  • Build a social media following
  • Write an e-book and setup a single page order form
  • Give away something free to collect emails
  • Start an email sales funnel
  • Review products that have affiliate links

These are all worthy endeavors for a blogger, but what if there was a way to begin earning revenue before writing tons of posts and building traffic?

The good news? There is a proven way, as long as you’re knowledgeable about a specific subject, whether it’s writing or running or playing the drums or something. If you’re truly experienced in some field, then you already have what it takes to make money on your blog within the first month.

So, what is this often overlooked way?

Drum roll, please………


There’s a super-simple way to monetize a new blog. (Photo courtesy StockSnap on Pixabay.)

The answer is coaching.

That’s right, if you are an expert in your field, you can offer coaching services immediately. It could be as simple as writing a single blog post that details your experience and background, including a section with your phone number along with an email contact form.

Next, let people know about your blog, starting with your inner circle. Then, expand the circle by writing articles on Quora or Medium that link back to your blog, and posting on various social media outlets, like a Facebook group related to the topic that you coach.

You can even setup a free Fiverr profile at no cost to offer your services to the masses.

You could also advertise your blog with a paid service like Google Adwords.

The point is you’ll already have a blog ready to earn income once the visitors arrive, even if they aren’t flooding in by the hundreds or thousands yet.

Of course, success still depends on your style and approach, and how well people embrace you as a coach in a specific industry. But these are aspects that can be tested, adjusted and optimized.

In the meantime, you’ll already be offering a service on your blog as you build your brand. This could literally buy you time to do some of the steps listed earlier, like guest posting for other blogs and writing an e-book.

Think of it this way, if you offer coaching on your blog, you might get a client. But if you don’t offer it, you most certainly won’t!

And if you landed just one coaching client on your new blog, you not only turned your new blog into a successful venture, but you’ll gain more motivation to continue building your dream of earning income from doing what you love.