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How a Simple Phrase Can Help You Live Your Best Life

How a Simple Phrase Can Help You Live Your Best Life

“How Does It Get Better Than This?”

People aren’t just remixing songs these days, they’re remixing their subconscious minds to clear hurdles that prevent us from reaching our goals.

One key is our inner dialogue, which reflects our subconscious beliefs. Turns out those words can hold more power than what we actually say and write.

An example: let’s say things are going great. Perhaps some random business idea starts gaining traction, and you’re suddenly earning a side income in you sleep.

A common reaction might be to kick back and say, “Wow, it just doesn’t get any better than this!”

However, you just told your subconscious mind that things will not get better. You essentially put a limit on how good things can get.

If instead, if we shift our dialogue to say, “How does it get better than this?” — we not only honor our current happiness, but allow things to keep getting better.

The magic is in how this phrase can apply to almost any situation.

Let’s say things are going really bad… Maybe you’re in a rut (we’ve all been there). “How does it get better than this?” is a gentle way to allow improvement, to send a question into the universe and see what comes back.

Or, if things are just average, the phrase lifts us to a point of playful curiosity, that zone where we can make discoveries to take us onward and upward.

One note: we never answer the question, “How does it get better than this?” Instead, we let the question dangle so the metaphorical “Universe” answers it — like surrendering to the flow, or what mystics call the “Will of God.”

The magic of the phrase can level us up even more if things are going well. The question not only acknowledges gratitude in the moment for our well being, but we allow for even more “upgrades.”

Final takeaway…

Back to that side business mentioned earlier … if we don’t put a subconscious limit on our success, perhaps the side-hustle can become our full-time income. Mystics believe this can only happen if our subconscious mind believes that can happen…

And one way to achieve this is by simply shifting our inner dialogue to ask, “How does it get better than this?”

Say it a with a sense of child-like excitement … repeat it often … and then buckle up to go beyond previous limits. 🚀