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How I Reversed Aging

How I Reversed Aging

With Pictures to Prove It

No, I didn’t sell my soul, haha… It was quite the opposite.

I was lost in the quagmire of modern life, eating the wrong foods, believing the wrong thoughts, doing the wrong things.

From the outside, it seemed like I had it all. Everyone thought I was happy.

But inside, I was a tormented soul. I knew for sure because I was no longer writing, something that sustained me since early childhood.

I was stuck in what I call a “comfort rut” — fooled into inaction by comfort. It would take a breakdown to wake me up.

The breakdown.

A cataclysmic event hit my online company, sending my life into a tailspin that would take everything I had to save it.

I saved the business … but lost myself.

I was hardly exercising, drinking too much, eating crap and waking up depressed… This was not the life I planned. Some nights I hardly even slept, kept up by the turmoil in my mind and toxins in my body.

Finally, on the eve of my 40th year in 2010, I had a nervous breakdown…

Time itself became an enemy.

There is nothing worse than waking up at six in the morning and having nothing to inspire you.

An unexpected light in the dark.

Like an angel with a silvery voice, a woman named Tanya Rose cast the first light on a new path in my life. Her casual yet profound meditation is a sort of song: The Secret of this Moment.

The song tuned me into a rarely trespassed zone: the Now.

Going into a state of reflection, suddenly old fears from childhood and even nightmares rose up to my conscious mind. At first, I found this disturbing, but then I realized what was happening: purging.

When we allow subconscious thoughts to rise into our conscious, we can then set them free (like in this yogic technique).

First, I stopped aging so rapidly.

I began to practice a powerful breathing exercise to set my mind free.

My mind would no longer be the master. My heart, connected to my soul, took the reins. Ironically, that would mean surrendering my ego, letting go of old grudges and desires for things I didn’t need.

The breathing exercises surprised me with bliss, producing endorphins that began reversing my biological age. I also realized other aspects about my life harming me, from toxic foods to habits that did nothing for me.

My behavior began to change from the inside out… I shed 25 pounds by changing my breath.

I aged ten years chronologically, but reversed my age biologically.

The author feels about 5 years younger after 10 years of chronological aging.
The author feeling about 5 years younger after 10 years of aging, with less ailments and more energy.

This new behavior led to greater insights and opened my intuition, guiding me back to writing regularly again and publishing three books.

Chronological vs. Biological Age

Chronological age is how old you are in years, the biological age is how old you are in health and wellness.

Guess which one matters more? The biological age is really all that matters, you age in years is just a technicality…

I turned 50 but had the body and mind of a much younger man (and suddenly I’m getting carded for alcohol again).

Here’s what I do to stay young…

My Most Powerful Anti-aging Techniques

I think and act young — I see myself as about half my chronological age, around 25 (our cells respond to our attitudes, Harvard agrees). I’m a forever-learner. I don’t take much too seriously because I know the physical world is like a masquerade ball compared to the spiritual world. I can see the silver lining around almost anything, and usually find the humor too. I love new stuff, like Gen Z slang, crypto, the latest music.

Watch out for “The 3 Whites” — white sugar, white flour and white salt lead to rapid aging and a host of diseases when taken in excess. I first limited salt because it was drying out my organs. Then I limited sugar because it was adding fat in the worst places. Then I limited flour because it turns sticky (from gluten) in the body. I’m not allergic to any of these, I just use them in moderation because they’re the main culprits of a bad diet.

Nasal breathing — I breathe through my nose whenever possible. The nose filters and moistens the air, preparing it for your lungs (check the before-and-after pics, in the “before” pic I’m a mouth-breather!). More on the dangers of mouth-breathing…

Herbal anti-ager— there’s a certain adaptogen I take first-thing every morning with a crazy name (ashwagandha). Also known as Indian Ginseng, it boosts immunity, metabolism, lifts me up if I’m down, and chills me out if I’m anxious. Check out my article, The Most Powerful Herb You Never Heard Of.

Food changes — I take a plant-based protein shake every day mixed with banana and spinach. It tastes great because it’s chocolate-based. I’m about the win-win, best-of-both-worlds scenarios… I don’t eat much meat except for poultry and fish and I’ve learned humans are supposed to consume 70% fruits and vegetables in their overall diet (yet we’re so far from that!). I had to cut dairy unless it has active cultures (like yogurt).

Meditation — studies show people who meditate regularly look around 12-years younger! And breathing exercises count as meditation, anything that takes you out of your ego mind so that you can witness what’s truly going on in your world so you can optimize it.

Garlic/Olive Oil— sautéing some chopped up garlic in olive oil creates a medicinal magic I can’t explain scientifically, but years of experience have shown that it thwarts everything from illness to aging (and of course vampires, ha). Try in moderation at first, and for the sake of others remember you’ll have some pretty spicy breath. (If you want more science on this, here’s some).

Hot peppers — eating hot stuff is a natural way to soothe a sore throat as well as purge toxins while stimulating the healing of tissues. New studies even show peppers can reduce risk of cancer and heart disease. It seems ironic that something “burning” hot would inevitably reduce inflammation and heal cells, but the universe loves paradox.

Note: the previous two also help in achieving this one:

A strong digestive fire — the oldest healing system on the planet is called Ayurveda. In this system that healed humans for thousands of years, the key component to health is a strong digestion. Having that “fire in the gut” strong pulls nutrients out of food and removes toxins, keeping us alive and healthy. If our digestive fire is weak, whether from bad foods or stress or even something as simple as drinking too much before eating, our food won’t digest properly and a host of issues can follow.

Lemon juice (or any fresh squeezed juice) first thing— the first substance to pass through your organs, especially your liver, in the morning is crucial to your body. Make sure it’s something magically healthy, like fresh squeezed lemon in some room-temperature or warm water. You don’t want cold water as that puts out the digestive fire.

Water pick — what goes on in your mouth spreads through your body, so take care of it. I found using a water pick works wonders for my otherwise annoying teeth. The one I use is on my Lucky Finds page.

Quiet moments and siestas— even if you don’t want to go the traditional meditation route, be sure to frequently just sit and let your mind wander and don’t judge your thoughts, let everything go and trust the flow of the universe. Oops, now we’re meditating

Die-hard optimism — Optimists live longer, it’s been proven. It’s another win-win. Choose happiness and acceptance, regardless of what your doubts and fears say. See how much more you enjoy the ride that you’re going to take anyway. If you need a start, there’s a natural supplement that turns on the positivity switch in the brain.

Overcoming fear of death — I studied the matter and now know we survive death. This lets me live fully. I know my soul’s connection to Source. To top it off, a study shows people who are part of a spiritual community live up to four years longer.

Stretch before screen — I do a little routine where I sit and breathe, touching my hands to my toes before I touch a screen. It makes a huge difference in so many ways to tune in to your body even just for a couple minutes before you jump into internet reality where your body is usually ignored.

I don’t over exert myself when I exercise — when I see some guy sprinting along the road, sweating and like he’s about to pass out and die, I wonder if he really is about to do just that! Our bodies are a lot like car engines, if they’re over-exerted, they wear down quicker. Ask any mechanic.

I party strategically— alcohol is one of the greatest causes of fast aging. I do like to have a good time, and lucky to have “herbal options” in the state I live in. But I do still enjoy a nice wine or a craft beer, just in moderation and usually with some days off in between.

Self-care — most people are aging fast because they’re ignoring their bodies, often putting others first but not realizing that actually harms others. How? People who ignore themselves and are worn down can’t bring their best to others, and sometimes bring their worst…

Take care of your “energy body” — yoga and exercise are essential, but my newest focus is Qigong (translates to cultivation of life-force energy in Chinese). If you like yoga, you’ll love Qigong, with animal and element forms to help us move the way nature moves, to get you feeling amazing. I started a beginner’s Qigong FB Group to teach others along the way.

Au naturale — I like to do yoga nude lol! But really, what I mean by “naturale” is I use organic soap in my hair, and olive oil instead of gels or sprays. I use organic sesame oil to keep skin young and joints lubricated, and I juice carrots almost daily. Check out my Lucky Finds page for more.

People are everything — One thing I learned from the pandemic is that fear and isolation are more damaging to the immune system than most diseases. In fact, I think they cause many of them. Sure, it’s good to be safe, but it’s not cool to fear people. Trust me, I went through it too, but I saw the inner damage it did and rose back to networking with people, starting new “in-person” projects, writing almost daily, and it’s made me healthier than ever. It’s been shown human contact boosts the immune system.

Am I still aging? Heck yeah.

Do I still get sick? Sure, but not nearly as much or as severely. I’m still living life… I’m born. I shall die. But what I do in between is what matters, and if I can feel younger, then I can give that much more back to others.

Wishing you health, happiness and to be young at heart. ? ✨

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