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How to Attract Your Soul Mate (Part II)

How to Attract Your Soul Mate (Part II)

Who Does Your “Frequency” Actually Attract?

Your attitude and outlook on life give off a “frequency.” Some call it a vibe or an aura. They’re all based on the emotions you let rule your life.

Your frequency also determines who is attracted to you.

The good news is you have a choice in your emotions, and who you attract. You can level up until you are in the zone where you are alluring true love.

Turns out a doctor, Sir David Hawkins, spent 20 years to developed a chart that helps determine how close you are to Love

A chart of frequencies showing Love in the higher frequency and fear in the lower realms.

Let’s journey up the chart from shame at the bottom to enlightenment at the peak, using experience and intuition to predict who each frequency attracts.

Who You’re Attracting With…


This frequency attracts abusers, controllers. They take advantage of people weakened by shame and control them. Stay away. It’s the lowest level on the frequency food chain.


This is also used by control freaks, it’s just a lighter version. Some impose guilt trips on people if they don’t do what they want. Avoid.


For self-made defeatists, apathy says “nothing really matters.” It’s okay to give up and coast. It’s better than the previous two, but still a long way from your soul connection. Whatever.


Some people want to feel sorry for themselves, even if they don’t fully admit it. They’re getting high off suffering. We all have to go through mourning and loss. We all need grieving times to heal, just don’t get addicted to the pain.


We all know a little bit about this from the pandemic, right? Actually, most of us had too high a dose. Fear is more destructive than any disease I can think of. More people regret acts chosen from fear than any other motivator.


Oh, we’re getting hot and heavy now! This can be fun, but it usually ends in tragedy, not comedy. This frequency is less about soulmates and more about infatuations and obsessions.


Funny how this is higher than others (shows how bad those previous ones are). You don’t want cortisol (the stress hormone) pumping through your veins. It’s strongest in the mornings, so start a routine before that stress train arrives, maybe with a little cacao or this stretch might help…


This is one of the most poisonous frequencies for the holder. Being angry at someone is like drinking poison and wishing the other person would die. Anger kills the person who’s angry, slowly but surely. This frequency attracts other angry people (or submissive types). Regardless if it’s political or whatever, chill out, agreed to disagree. Realize you can’t change everybody. Stop drinking that poison. The eastern traditions believe anger attacks the liver. You don’t want that.


A lot of people get stuck here, because pride imitates confidence. We do need confidence to attract a soulmate. But pride is a false self to impress the world. Don’t be cocky or boastful, you’ll attract wannabes. Plus, pride proceeds a fall.

… A pause before we head into the higher realms…

Remember, the idea isn’t to bury anger or shame or any of these lower frequencies. The point is to experience them, let them pass through us, but not to act on them. Instead, meditate and pray they transmute to higher frequencies, which begin with courage…


Now we’re getting somewhere! This is the gateway to higher realms. Courage begins the path to your soulmate. Do what scares you, face your fears. Your soulmate will most likely be hanging out where you were scared to go previously. But mainly, have the courage to move beyond all we just went through.


It actually takes courage to be neutral, to keep the loud ego out of other people’s matters, to let things play out naturally. It takes courage to trust the universe.


This is a kinder form of neutrality, willing to not only allow others to be who they are, but who you really are. It’s interesting how kindness toward others leads to self-compassion. Keep going, Love is in the air.


Beyond just being neutral or willing, you now fully accept the flow of the universe. Adversities were lessons. Realizing we all have different life journeys, we move beyond judgment. As an accepting witness, you become an example to help others more than trying to change them.


This is the last gateway before the good stuff. Reason is an important foundation for it means you’re no longer ruled by passion and emotion. You can enjoy those thrills, yet detached, stoic-like. You’ve reached a level platitude. This means you’re ready!


You made it! This is the goal and deeper message of most novels, movies, songs and spirituality. Love is the answer. All you need is love. Let’s unload every cliché in the book because they’re all true! That’s why they became clichés! Your soul is closer to the Source (God). The angels are in motion. Your soulmate is nearby at this point, or at least receiving signals from your spirit that you are ready to make the connection. Now, start going places that person might be. You’re a beam of light.


Whether or not you’re meant to find a human soulmate currently, once you make it to a place of inner love (connection with the Source within) you’ll find an unshakable joy. This is the joy of masters who can be martyred with a smile. They’re already in Heaven. This is the frequency the entire human species relies upon for spiritual evolution. You will attract the best and brightest people here, as well as people who may need a dose of light.


With peace in your mind, body and soul, everyone near you is set at ease. Your frequency can calm an entire room with one heartfelt smile. Congratulations. Bask in the bliss. You earned it.


Hey now, what are you doing way up here? Haha… You’re broadcasting the highest frequency in human consciousness, and you’re a “frequency-changer!” In the flow of the Holy Spirit (one of many names), you can zap people out of the lower levels, breaking them free (ideally when they come to you or ask). Otherwise, work in the astral plane all you want. You see how evil transmutes into good, how all is meant to be. You feel the connection to our Source who holds us in Love no matter how far apart we think we are. Bound by unconditional devotion, forever in Love. All the higher frequencies attract to you and the lower frequencies want to learn from you. Just have fun, for all that’s needed to happen will flow to you naturally. 🙏

Wrapping It Up…

Whew! Okay now to finish with some answers from Part I

Can you have more than one soulmate?

Since a soulmate is someone you connect with on a soul level, including a best friend or even your mother, yes you can have more than one!

Can you have more than one romantic soulmate?

Uh oh, it’s gettin’ hot in here… 😉 ⚡️💔

The heart is an amazing thing, so bright yet dark and mysterious… Beware, jealousy (activating anger) can lurk or pride or shame can surface when playing with the fires of multiple passions. Desire reigns here. Love becomes complicated.

What’s the #1 thing you can do now to find your soulmate?

The great poet and philosopher Ovid had some advice still relevant today.

Frequent the places you’d go if you were dating your soulmate now.

Maybe there’s a gallery, a cool café, your favorite section of a library… If you’re religious, go to church hangouts. If you’re into music, see some shows.

My soulmate and I like lakes and parties, and guess where we met? A party by a lake. And as I mentioned in Part I, it took us years to realize we were soulmates (at least for me).

Going to physical locations where your soulmate might dwell is priceless advice. As much as online dating has succeeded in connecting many soulmates, the magic is often in person.

In the end, don’t focus on the search, focus on the frequency. 😊🙏

Update! I’m working on Part III:
• Is there such a thing as soul groups?
• What to do after losing a soulmate?
• What truly connects two soulmates?

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