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How to Attract Your Soul Mate (Part III)

How to Attract Your Soul Mate (Part III)

Beyond Death: The Real Purpose of These Magical Unions

You don’t need to fear the death of a soulmate, because they’re still around, especially in the days and months following their voyage to the Other Side.

Why? Unlike a “body-mate” which come and go like the rain, soulmates share a bond on the spiritual plane. You see them again.

My wife’s first soulmate, her dear mother, just passed recently. Thankfully, her trust in the survival of the soul kept her strong, while still tearful and forever changed.

What to do after losing a soulmate.

Countless people confirm seeing signs from departed loved ones, especially soon after their passing. Birds land in hands, clouds form initials, favorite songs randomly play.

Knowing this, I literally asked my late mother-in-law to show her daughter a physical sign.

I didn’t tell my wife I made this request, I just waited to hear her tell me the first stories. It may or may not have mattered that I asked, but it didn’t take long for something miraculous to occur.

The most common ways a soulmate will communicate from the other side are through electricity and animals. My wife and I had even recently studied powerful stories testifying to this.

But her mother reached out to her in a completely new way, making it more credible, as my wife wasn’t even aware this was a spiritual phenomenon.

It involved her sense of smell.

My mother-in-law wore a very distinctive perfume. If she gave someone a hug, that sweet scent would linger.

Days after the passing, in the car after leaving a mass, she suddenly smelled her mother’s perfume. Her mother had never been in the car.

It happened three more times in different locations. She would look in every direction to see who could be wearing it, but there was only one possibility: the “impossible.”

In fact, it can be said that a person becomes much more spiritually powerful when they pass, mainly because they’re only a spirit during this transition time…

Blue butterfly flying fast.
Adina Voicu

You don’t need to find a psychic medium, you already are one.

The only difference between you and a genuine medium is faith.

Like the Nazarene told his followers, if someone has enough faith they can tell a mountain to move and it will do so.

This powerful metaphor is more than just symbolic. You can move the mountains in your life through faith, through envisioning yourself already existing in the successful outcome, praying to Source for the right doors to open and the wrong doors to close. Then march courageously through those open doors.

We can all talk to our deceased soulmates. There’s no need to fear spirits, you are one! You just still have the physical shell and the loud ego making you forget.

One heads up, be careful when you talk to a passed loved one, for the sake of those poor materialists who’ll think you’re crazy. Sadly, most people don’t flip until the “flip side,” seeing what they thought was crazy was the very meaning of life.

Mainly, just pray for your passed loved ones. The angels and spiritual masters are fully engaged with humans on Earth who request help. Just doing so is a leap of Faith, which already sets you apart as one who knows there’s more to the universe than what we learned in 5th grade science class.

Wrapping It Up…

Time to finish with some answers from Part II

Is there such a thing as soul groups?

This is a fascinating topic that involves the belief in past lives. After rigorous study, I went from not believing in reincarnation, to accepting it as a natural phenomena of souls recycling into new bodies in different eras.

Does everyone go through rebirth? I don’t know. Can Jesus lift someone from the cycle? I believe so, but some may need more lives, even in His eyes.

Anyway, some believe that there are entire “soul groups” of people who reincarnate together to help effect evolutionary change for humanity.

For example, some believe America’s Founding Fathers were destined to meet in previous lives before coming together to form the first country based on Freedom. Perhaps the Disciples were a soul group…

I could see soul groups existing in large families, even on athletic teams and in rock groups. Why not? Group of souls who connect and collaborate could be key to our spiritual evolution.

What truly connects two soulmates?

Authenticity. When you can be your true self, and they can be their true self, and you fully accept and even adore each other, you’ll move mountains together. 🙏

And remember, the mountains may not be on Earth, or even in this life. 🌠