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How to Attract Your Soul Mate

How to Attract Your Soul Mate

From Someone Who’s Seen Both Sides

You won’t have to wonder if you found your soulmate, you’re more likely to wonder where they were all along.

Are they real? As real as your heartbeat.

Those who deny their existence just haven’t found one yet, or were distracted when their soulmate walked by, or maybe they don’t need one in this life. For some, the only soulmate they want or need is God.

For others, we want a playmate in this park called Earth. We want a soulmate.

And if you do find one, there’s nothing like it.

Instead of you trying to fit to the world, the world begins to fit to you.

When I Found Mine

At first, I didn’t know she was the one, it wasn’t even in my mind. I was just having fun. In fact, we were friends for years before we got really romantic. One thing’s for sure, once I met her, she was the only woman in the room; even though we met at a lake house packed full of people.

Immediately the conversation flowed, without effort, as the chatter of our friends suddenly faded into background noise.

As someone who’s experienced this phenomenon first hand, I feel I can shed more light on the subject than someone who has only studied it in books.

So, let’s explore soulmates, these powerful connections that vary from love at first sight to the culmination of long friendships with deep roots.

The goal is to be able to better spot traits in others to know if they would make a good soulmate. Even better, to tune into your intuition to know if they’re the one.

First, realize you can become like a magnet and attract the right kind of mate for your soul. You just have to be yourself, because that’s the only person your soulmate will accept.

If you’re putting on a façade or not being true to yourself, you won’t make the connection. So be real, have fun and don’t “try.”

If you’re already in a relationship, this could help you understand how to enhance the bond and move closer to your higher self.

What Exactly Is a Soul Mate?

The oxford dictionary of a soulmate is a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

This is a good starting point but it goes deeper…

Soul Vs. Ego

The soul is the quiet voice of wisdom.

The ego is the loud voice of want.

The soul will lead you to a true mate, while the ego is known to jump into relationships for the wrong reasons.

If you truly want to find your soulmate, you have to take a step or two closer to your soul. It’s exhilarating when you shed layers falseness and get closer to who you really are. I called this the miracle zone, because it’s where the magic of life, including finding a soulmate, can happen.

Here’s some easy ways to do just that:

  • Pay attention to the voices in your head, we all have them, not just schizophrenics, lol. You’ll notice one is loud and pushy. That’s the ego, always trash talking. But in calm moments, you’ll notice another quiet voice that always seems to have the right answer, that’s intuition.
  • Sometimes the battle of the soul and ego called the heart vs. head. Distinguishing these two voices is a key to finding your soulmate, because it gives you a heads up as to which voice will lead you to the proper mate. The soul will lead you to your soulmate, the ego will lead you to failed relationships.
  • Keep a dream journal, it’s amazing what gets revealed to us at night while we’re in an unconscious state and our ego is put it back.

Seven Sacred Traits of Soulmates:

Instant Comfort Zone

You’ll feel comfortable with them instantly, like you just had a shot of the best alcohol in the world without the sting and side effects.

The Mirror Effect

Soulmates are like mirrors in a way, as they reflect back both your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll see ways to improve yourself and ways that affirm you’re on the right path. When you’re around them, you see yourself more clearly.


Soulmates will inspire each other, like a coach and a teammate combined. They will encourage you to become your higher self, but without being oppressive or demanding.

Beyond Friends

Soulmates “get off” on the same things, and you’d die for them too. In romantic cases, you want to jump their bones.

An Unconditional Bond

Something’s going on that no words spoken in anger or rash actions can eclipse.


When together, life’s a rush — a thrill-ride full of serendipity, dreams, spiritual epiphanies … we are talking soul-connection here!

An irresistible attraction

The way they walk, talk, smell, smile and hiccup just feels right. Of course, some things may be a challenge, but that’s part of learning to compromise.

Why soul mates often rebel together

Soulmates transcend social, political even religious limitations. The soul is above any kind of mental conditioning.

Soul’s are much more free than our minds, and they know things about us yet to be revealed.

If there’s a barrier between soulmates that’s a man-made, like social acceptance, it’s going to get knocked down pretty easily.

Look no further than Romeo and Juliet who didn’t give a damn that their families were feuding. They found the truth in each other and that was all that mattered. Countless movies and novels and even scriptures confirm that true love annihilates anything standing between it.

“Their Own Little World”

Another fascinating dynamic of soulmates is that they’re capable of creating their own little self-sustaining universe together.

They easily rebel together as their universe is more important to them than the outside world.

Once they are they create this little outpost in the universe, they have a sacred place to retreat, re-charge, share their deepest insights and emotions. Nothing and nowhere else matters.


When you get more into your soul journey, meditating, praying to connect with Source, listening to your thoughts, you begin to step away from negative influences and get closer to your Soul.

The relationships that are based on conformity (money, status) are most at risk during the purification process.

However, quite often two people first joined for worldly reasons go through a transformation as they discover their more spiritual side and become soulmates after the fact.

In the end you don’t have to be a rebel to attract your soulmate, you just have to be authentic, who you really are.

This is just the beginning of discovering your soul mission.

Part II is Now Available!

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