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How to Find the Most Original Free Photos

How to Find the Most Original Free Photos

… So Good People Will Think You Paid For Them

Nothing ruins a good story more than choosing an unoriginal image. I’ve seen the best writers on this platform point that out.

Some successful writers even suggest paying for images, it’s that important. But it’s not really necessary if you know a couple tricks.

First off, photo sites like to show the most popular images first in search results. Those are what you don’t want if you’re going for originality.

Here’s a few ideas instead:

First, we recommend either Pixabay or Unsplash.

Method 1: Do a search for what you need, but click to filter by “Latest” instead of “Popular”

Method 2: Scroll through the pics featured on the homepage. Those are curated by human editors. When you see something close to what you’re looking for, click on the photographer’s name to see what else they have.

Method 3: Anywhere you see a good pic, click on the photographer’s name to see some of the more recent stuff they’ve done. Chances are, they have other gems as yet undiscovered.

At the time of writing, the photo for this article is on the Pixabay homepage itself, so new it’s relatively undiscovered.

Hope this helps you deliver excellent content. 🙏