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How to Fit In Anywhere (even if you’re new)

How to Fit In Anywhere (even if you’re new)

It Has Nothing To Do With What You Say or Wear

Tables are filled with revelers everywhere. It’s an outdoor pub with sparkling lights dangling from trees above and drinks and banter flowing.

It’s such a lively scene, it’s almost intimidating as everyone is already having such a good time, and we just walked in.

I scan the area for the ideal spot, something still open. Then, I take my date confidently by the hand and waltz right over a table that just opened up in the middle of everything.

Instantly, we fall into the flow of the people around us. There’s smiles. There’s the continuation of the vibe that was already there … except now we’re part of it, with zero effort.

Did You Detect the Secret in the Story Above?

You notice I said nothing about what we were wearing, or anything we said.

What was the one thing I mentioned specifically? Was it that we “waltzed” to the table? Well, confidence doesn’t hurt, but that wasn’t the secret.

You see, we could’ve waltzed over to a table on the edge of the bar. Then all the confidence in the world wouldn’t convince people that we were part of the scene. We would be more like observers, standing out looking in.

The secret is we went right to the middle of the scene, the hub, to a table at the center of everything going on.

That signals to the subconscious minds of everyone around us (that hidden motivator behind so much of how we think and feel) that we were a central part of everything going on.

We became like the hub in the wheel, even though we just arrived.

It works in more than just social situations

Next time you’re in a meeting, put yourself in the center and see how different people treat you then if you were to sit on the edge.

Look at a picture, the people in the center are the ones who are going to look the most accepted.

We can’t help it, we’re programmed that way.

The center is where things happen, and everything else emanates from, like our sun which is the center of the solar system, the star of our cosmic show. The planets simply revolve around that center, and without that bright illumination, none of us would be here in the physical form.

So there you have it, a secret you may not have come across before, which is what I love uncovering. I’ve also never seen it fail.

Of course, other factors matter, next step is to get dripped out (gen z slang) and have some wit about you, then things will really takeoff. Until they do, at least you’ll be on the launch-pad right in the middle of it all.