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How to Hear Life Whispering To You, Like Einstein Did

How to Hear Life Whispering To You, Like Einstein Did

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This is Part Two of a series from Pisces writers Genius Turner and Joe Moody honoring the birthday of another Pisces: Albert Einstein.

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.” — Albert Einstein

As Genius Turner wrote in his intriguing opening of this series, “years ago I previewed with my third eye what today stands as a reality before my two eyes.”

On Einstein’s birthday, we’re exploring our “third eye” and how it sees deeper into ourselves and the meaning of life. It’s where our intuition lives.

Turns out, there are ways to open our sixth sense, this third eye.

Heads up: some find this concept too mystical or even scary, like it’s something unnatural.

That’s not what we’re talking about here… We’re talking about something natural, that actually relates to a gland in your head (more on that later).

The only scary thing is having a closed third eye, because you may miss the golden opportunities life presents, the insights, the joys, perhaps even a soulmate.

We’re really talking about the power of intuition…

Signs of a closed third eye:
1. Confusion about life’s purpose
2. Unhealthy relationships
3. Pessimism and cynicism
4. Shadow energy: anger, hatred, etc.
5. “Bad luck” and unhappy accidents

Signs of an open third eye:
1. Strong sense of intuition
2. Healthy relationships
3. Ease of self-expression
4. Blissful moments out of nowhere
5. Synchronicities and lucky “coincidences”

While some might be tempted to call this New Age fufu, scientists beg to differ. The third eye relates to the pineal gland, and literally looks like a small eye at the center of your brain.

Renee Descartes called this gland the Seat of the Soul, and mystics say it’s where intuition lives. This is also where altered states of consciousness can be reached, including the ability to see beyond time-based and ego-based limitations.

In plain English, mystics believe the third eye can see into the past and future, into remote places and even into the nature of your own self, often blocked by the ego.

“Check your ego at the door.” — a sign outside one of Prince’s parties.

[[File:Prince by jimieye.jpg|Prince by jimieye]]

Opening Intuition begins with Chilling Out the Ego

The ego is the loud voice in your head that likes to criticize others, as well as you. The ego over-worries about social obligations and expectations, bad hair days, how you compare to an old classmate — all the stuff that doesn’t matter when you’ve passed from this life.

For some people, that’s all that life is. There is no lifting of the veil, there is no seeing beyond the façade everyone wears… Sigh.

For others, there is the path to enlightenment, to living our fullest lives, to serving the most people… ⭐

Here’s some gentle ways to coax your intuition to expand:

  1. Begin by sending thanks to your third eye, for being the center of intuition guiding you at times, whether you know it or not.
  2. Gently tapping the center of your brow a few times with your index finger and middle finger joined can help get your center back.
  3. Know your breath is like the voice of your soul. Pause and listen to your breath, which calms the mental chatter of the ego, allowing you to better “hear” your intuition speak.
  4. Visualize your third eye opening. Make it playful and fun. The inner eye isn’t full of fear like the physical eyes can be. Yogis believe this eye sees the higher self and knows you’re a soul on a cosmic journey much greater than your mind can understand.
  5. Add third-eye-opening foods to your diet, like raw cacao, goji berries, garlic, honey, coconut oil, vitamin D, celantro and ashwaghanda.
  6. Sunsets and sunrises also activate with the third eye, which is partly why we feel so warm and fuzzy when watching one.
  7. Chanting “om” is a traditional way to loosening the lid of your third eye… Om is known by yogis as the primordial sound of the universe.
  8. Anything dark purplish blue, especially crystals like amethyst or sapphire, are said to activate the third eye. Indigo is the color activator of the ajna chakra (the third eye) in the yogic tradition.
  9. Sandalwood, Jasmine and Lemon essential oils are said to activate your inner vision.
  10. Indigo Light Visualization (a personal invention): picture brilliant indigo lights around the center of your brow, then inhale and see the sparkling lights dance to the center of your head. It instills a warm familiar feeling as you’re activating your deeper intuition. You may even experience déjà vu.
  11. Pray (speak to God) and Meditate (listen to God). The challenge of life is connecting with God’s Mind over the Mind of Man, to start seeing the difference between divine and human wisdom… (one is eternal and doesn’t let you down).


Developing our intuition is a lifetime journey, something we can always be working on, because the more open it is, the more clear everything in the physical world becomes too, and the more our dreams become real.

Intuition is how one of the greatest scientists of all time was able to clarify cosmic conundrums, and he wrote:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” — Albert Einstein

I hope these techniques help you develop your sacred gift.

ps: Happy Birthday Einstein! ?

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