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How to Make Mornings Victorious

How to Make Mornings Victorious

A 4-Step Recipe for Success

The mornings are yours, before the world invades your thoughts and schedule. But sometimes, we surrender our day before it even begins.

I’ve fallen into the trap many times… From waking up late, to polluting my mind early by scrolling through apps, it’s easy to waste the most valuable time of the day.

Tired of blown potential, I researched and tested various ways to have victorious mornings. Here’s what I found, and now do…

Start Your Engines with the 1-minute “Victory Pose”

I do this just after getting out of bed, before I do or think anything… The reason why is to understand the psychology behind it…

Harvard professor Amy Cuddy says certain physical poses affect our mind and attitudes on a deep level.

“We can change our own body chemistry for the better simply by changing body positions. Standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident, affects testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.”

So what is the life-changing routine I do first thing? It’s called the “Victory Pose.”

You simply stand tall and raise your arms in a “V” shape until you feel for the new energy pulsing through you. I like to gaze up and add a prayer of gratitude for being alive another day. Harvard studies show this pose releases endorphins in your body (the feel-good chemicals).

We’ve been doing this pose when victorious since first walking upright. From splitting our first coconut to winning a marathon, this is the stance of a human winning.

The Victory Pose sets your body off the first thing with a charge of confidence, energy and drive. You’re already winning…

2. Fresh Juice and Stretching

Squeeze some lemon juice into a room-temperature cup of water, it’s a very powerful way to start your day as it gives you a healthy “first pass-through” for your liver, meaning the first substance going through your liver.

Other detoxifying options are celery juice (from a juicer), or carrot juice is another great one. Just plain water is fine too.

Then do your favorite stretch or exercise routine (yoga etc.) to prepare your body and mind for step 3…

3. Focus on What Truly Matters

Before you check messages or the news, it’s time to go for that dream project — whatever truly matters to you. This is when you can progress on your visionary ideas. When they become reality, everyone will wonder when you had the time to do this. Well, this is the time.

Over-consumption of media is linked to depression in many studies, so what’s the opposite of consumption? Creation.

Go create during this precious time. This is your moment to quietly shine.

4. Head outside for something fun and physical

Now it’s time to head outside and do something you enjoy, that doesn’t take too much discipline.

Maybe it’s gardening, a bike ride or a trip to the park.

I like putting on my favorite playlist and taking a light walk in nature.

The key is to get out of our heads and breathe the air, check out in the atmosphere…

In summary:

  1. Awake with the “Victory Pose” giving thanks.
  2. Drink a healthy beverage and stretch.
  3. Work on your dream project.
  4. Get outside for some fresh air.
  5. Start the “regular day.”

We’re now prepared to join others who are just beginning their days…

Final thought: With these four steps, you’re already winning before the regular day even begins. That victorious vibe will be reflected in everything you do and everyone you meet. ✌️