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How to Manifest Anything in 8 Steps

How to Manifest Anything in 8 Steps

Please Use Wisely, and With Compassion

Some people are like wizards, bringing forth their wishes and desires with minimal effort. Others work like a dogs and barely get anywhere. What’s going on here?

We’ve heard the trendy term, manifestation, to describe how these “magical” people get what they want. So, as a writer, I decided to sleuth this out…

Through both experience and study, I compiled 8 steps to manifest what you want. All I ask is that you look deeply into your heart and soul before embarking on these steps, because with enough faith, they work.

✍️ Get a Pen & Paper ready for your journey…

The 8 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

  1. Write down what you want. Maybe you have a few things in mind… Meditate over them, pray over them if inclined, and choose which goal you’d like to go for right now.
  2. Write down why do you want this. Perhaps it’s to inspire, or to reach toward your higher self, or to give back gifts you’ve been given. Be sure there’s a positive motivation behind the why, otherwise it may not go so well. It’s also crucial that this desire comes from you and it’s not to please another.
  3. List limiting beliefs, fears, triggers and challenges that may come up while going for this goal. For example, someone wanting to manifest money may believe deep down that money is evil, and therefore they’ll never manifest much money because their subconscious mind doesn’t want it. However, if they were to see money as another form of energy, perhaps such negative beliefs could subside (as in the end, it’s the love of money that’s evil, not the currency itself).
  4. Write down the how this is the practical part (and the only part some ever do, missing out on the “magic” listed here). It’s vital to have actionable steps you’re going to take to manifest this.
  5. It’s time to dive into your feelings about this goal… How does it feel if you already attained it? Maybe you have an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. Experiencing these feelings now…
  6. Now time for the Law of Assumption… Visualize you’ve already reached your goal. Picture of yourself there, picture the people around you and circumstances. Pretend you already have it. Also, vocalize this new reality with an affirmation to supports your journey, like: “I’m doing this to inspire others, always reaching higher…” Once you visualize and vocalize, you’re going to start manifesting your new reality quicker.
  7. Now, you let it go, realize if this is not for your highest self then something else will arrive in its place. It’s crucial to detach from seeking, as chasing things causes them to run away. Instead, just bask in knowing that your goal is coming. Keep taking those steps, but without craving the outcome. Rather, keep assuming you already have it.
  8. Building on the previous step, we turn to our Divine Source and say, “Let Thy Will Be Done.” This protects from manifesting something that isn’t actually good for us. This also adds not only power to our journey, but humility, making us more patient rather than anxious and hungry.

So, when does it arrive?

I’ve noticed is that the goal will arrive when you least expect it. That’s why patience, detachment and faith are so key.

There’s also a common negative belief that stops people from even trying this. It goes something like: “I don’t need manifestation techniques, because I have God.” Well, my response is. Why can’t you have both?

In the Bible, it was the Nazarene who said that with enough faith, we can tell a mountain to move, and that mountain will move. If that isn’t the Law of Assumption and Manifestation at work, I don’t know what it is.

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