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How to Tell If She’s Having a Boy or Girl with One Look

How to Tell If She’s Having a Boy or Girl with One Look

Use These Old Wives’ Tales to “Know” Before the Doctor

Having children opens doors of the universe that otherwise remain mysteries. There’s no way to describe the revelation of witnessing a human enter the world with a bit of your own “essence,” only to realize they are quite their own soul.

I learned as much watching my kids bloom as anything elders taught me.

Of course, guys have the easy part in the whole task … that is, until it’s time to support and mentor the child. But it’s the women who bravely carry the child from conception to birth.

When a man sees a pregnant woman, admiration is one of the first emotions we experience. We see mothers-to-be as heroines risking their lives and well-being to propagate the species. I’m not sure men could ever do it with the same grace and passion.

But there’s another thing people think when they see a pregnant woman: Is it a boy or a girl?

The gender reveal…

Today, gender reveal parties are all the rage. But what if you were able to show up to at the party and tell the gender before the reveal?

What if you were able to accurately guess the gender even before the doctor used an ultrasound to know for sure?

I remember my first “gender reveal” event. It was just the doctor, my wife and myself. The doctor lathered my wife’s stomach with some gel for the ultrasound, and peaked at our baby snuggled up in the womb.

As we listened to the fast-flying heartbeat, she asked if we wanted to know the gender.


“Well,” she said, moving the device around my wife’s belly. “See the turtle?”

“The turtle? Oh!” (awkward laughter) “Oh yeah!”

“It’s a boy,” the doctor declared with a smile.

Later, our neighbors bought us a little turtle lamp, which we still have.

What to look for…

As the pregnancy developed, my wife gained a belly protruding more outward than horizontally. She was so small and her belly became so giant, it was almost humorous (but also a great sacrifice, so I only made jokes if she made jokes).

Also, my wife retained her beauty, attaining an amazing “shine” in her face, even while enormously pregnant.

And those are the first two clues…

What two clues?

It turns out there are some old wives’ tales with clues that could’ve predicted the gender of our child before the ultrasound.

Clue one:

A woman pregnant with a boy often has a belly that protrudes forward, sticking out, pushing the belly forward.

When a woman has a girl in the womb, the belly will supposedly expand more widely (horizontally) with her waist.

Clue two:

A woman pregnant with a boy will retain (and even gain) beauty.

But when a woman has a female, the wives’ tale says the infant girl will “steal the beauty” from the mother during the pregnancy. The mother gains her beauty back once the baby girl is born, done “tapping that power source.”

Edit: a reader noted in the comments how she had a daughter yet others would remark how she retained a “glow.” Of course! I’ve witnessed that too. The “pregnant glow” can often override the wives’ tale about a daughter “stealing the beauty.”

So there you have it…

Old wives’ tales say a woman has a protruding belly and retains her beauty is more likely to have a boy.

A woman who has a belly growing sideways (wide) is more likely to have a girl, as well as losing her beauty, unless the “pregnant glow” overrides it.

Of course these aren’t scientific findings, they’re based on generations of experience.

Bonus: How the dad plays into it.

There’s also a wives’ tale about how the man decides the gender. Supposedly, a man who is often busy and stressed with work is more likely to have a girl. A guy who has is laid back is more likely to have a boy.

Who knows, maybe girls need that dad who is up to handling more stress as their first protector, and guys need a more laid-back dad to take them hiking and such.

I do know one thing, these wives’ tales were formed over generations by some very keen women who didn’t need ultrasounds, for they had ultra-intuition.

It’s worth nothing that in the end it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl, you’ll get exactly the personality and soul your were meant to receive, and you’ll never be the same. ?

If you’re about to have one, cheers! ? (and save some libations for later, when you may need a drink or three after for those first all-nighters with baby, but it’s all so worth it!).