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How to Win Over Even the Snobbiest Cat

How to Win Over Even the Snobbiest Cat

But Beware: the Cat May Not Leave You Alone

Growing up, my family had rambunctious cats who were free to roam and fully clawed, ready to fight other cats, a raccoon, or bring back a prized, dead mouse. As a young child, I didn’t question it. That’s just how things were.

Yet, they’d come home after a wild night doing crazy cat stuff and come cuddle and purr around my mother.

Watching her, I noticed here secret. And I took that skill with me later into life, soothing many a frisky cat along the way.

A common scenario is I’ll be at a friend’s house and they’ll notice mystified that the cat is really into me. The feline wants to be on my lap, curl around my feet, like they can’t get enough of me.

“Our cat really doesn’t like people that much,” they’ll say, wide-eyed are.

I’d play it off with a smile. “Nice cat.”

Finally now, I am revealing my secret.

Cats love to scratch themselves, right? But there’s a certain area they can’t reach that well. It’s on the back of the head and upper neck, this is the place cats love to be soothed. A simple massage, gently squeezing (not quite pinching) sends the endorphins rushing. I’ve never met a cat who didn’t love it.

And they would treat me different like, “He knows…”

Of course, you have to let the cat approach you first, but they’re often intuitive about those who “know.” Now you’re one of them.