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How To Win Over Your Haters

How To Win Over Your Haters

She Couldn’t Stop Glaring at My Flip Flop Sketchers

Sometimes I find myself in awkward situations. But as a writer, sometimes they turn into juicy stories (if I’m lucky).

Do you know how you can tell if you’re a natural comedian? It’s when the more serious you try to act, the more people laugh.

So, giving into my inner comedian, one morning bought some flip flop Sketchers. These babies had blinding white foam heels in with a shiny black top sporting a giant “S.”

As I tried them on in the store, half just for kicks, a mom pushing her child couldn’t help but crack a whimsical smile.


Many first look at a person’s shoes and then make their way upward.

Racks of Sketcher flip flops at a store.
The culprits.

Then Came a Surprising Reaction…

More than humor, the primary reaction to these was trust.

Would a psycho villain walk around in these? Nah… I was anything but threatening.

I was having fun. These foamy f*ck-offs to an uptight world were lifting me far higher than an inch.

When people saw me coming, the Sketchers reassured them there was nothing to worry about. At times, just being a guy makes some uneasy, but not with these on!

At worst, I’m goofy but harmless. At best, I’m fun and keep it light. A win-win.

Then Came the Wedding Planner…

A bar with sparkling lights above.

Sparkling lights dangled above an outdoor pub. I was relaxing and conversing with my date, and yeah the flip flops were joining us (we were fresh off the beach, why not?).

A big oak barrel served as a little table between us, so my footwear was visible to all around.

A couple arrived at a table in front of us, dressed casually. With them was a woman dressed much fancier, bright and perky.

As I talked with my date, I couldn’t help but notice how she treated the couple with delight, chatting and smiling at everything they said.

She had the charm of a geisha girl slowly seducing them.

Then, she turned serious and explained something important. Details… The couple listened like their future hung on every word.

That’s when I realized their immediate future did hang on every word. She was planning their wedding.

Then it happened…

As I talked with my date, the wedding planner glanced (or rather glared) my way. But she wasn’t looking at my face. It was the flops.

They were bouncing in the air as I sat with one leg crossed over the other. I guess they were like a baited hook waiting for a fish to bite.

The wedding planner bit, and she bit hard.

The glare almost burned a hole in the flip flops. I could feel the heat on my toes. She was not amused or pleased with “them” being so close to her ideal setting as she charmed this couple.

What, did she think I was going to show up at the wedding with these on? (hmm, actuallypart two?)

The wedding planner kept trying to plan the wedding, but couldn’t get past my footwear. She’d talk, glare at them, gulp more drink, repeat.. .

She was now on her second or third drink, and more passionate about my flip flops than any silly marriage of two souls.

Her demeanor wasn’t perfect anymore, in fact she was looking a bit toasted. This was getting interesting.

After I stood up and went to get another drink, everything changed…

I wasn’t going to let her glares bring me down.

I stood up confidently and did a little tap dance. Waiting at the bar, I wondered what she thought of that … she must be fuming… Oh well.

Judges carry the burden of their own judgements..

As I walked back, her glare changed to … a sultry smile?

But wait, I was still wearing the flip flops.

And that’s the lesson.

If someone judges you for something, don’t hide it for their benefit. Celebrate it. Revel in it. After all, finding joy in life regardless of people’s judgement may just win over the judge.