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If Someone Wants to “Dialogue,” Maybe Don’t Do That…

If Someone Wants to “Dialogue,” Maybe Don’t Do That…

Time for These Buzzwords to Expire

… And if someone wants to “circle back,” maybe tell them to keep circling on down the drain.

If they want to “reach out,” tell them to keep reaching right off a cliff.

Joking aside, I too have been guilty of using annoying buzzwords, often born out of virtual living, but some of them are getting old.

Let’s “open the kimono” on the latest offenses in language (yes, that was one of them).

First, the only deal I want “baked in” is chocolate in a cookie.

If someone randomly asks if you want to “collab” on Instagram, realize it usually means you can buy their fake-designer watches at 50 percent off if you tag yourself wearing one, after buying one at full price.

Another word we need to retire is “utilize,” there’s no real reason to use it in place of “use” except to look smart, which it doesn’t do.

“At the end of the day” has long been blown out of the water, please don’t bring it back.

“Hop on a call” may be preferable to “dialogue,” but if it includes circling back, it’s probably a circle-jerk.

And let’s just stop with the phrase, “We’re all in this together,” as it’s usually used in virtual settings, meaning we’re really far apart.

“Woke” needs to just be replaced with what it should imply, wise, which it usually doesn’t.

If you’re an influencer, maybe Google “self suck” — hint, it doesn’t work out.

Also, nobody outside the marketing team want to hear about “low hanging fruit,” at best it sounds like underwear and at worst, never mind.

If somebody wants to “deep dive” into data, let them dive all the way to China and see how they like these buzzwords.

No more “synergy,” just don’t. Let the dream die… (Find a “vibe” instead).

“Touch base” could be old, but I still think it’s cute. Sometimes.

And please don’t “ping” me, it sounds painful. You can “slack” me all day and my Ferris-Bueller-style-auto-responder will reply, “Hey, I’ll circle back soon.”

The only real “pain point” in any situation is the pain-in-the-ass who says it.

I’ll admit buzzwords can be fun and bring a flow to the day, but when they get overused, they become funny in the wrong way.

I hope this helps you stay hip (I think that’s still hip to say) and check out the guide to gen z slang for more lingo-fun.

Know any other annoying buzzwords? Leave them in the comments.