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Inventor Creates Sun-Powered Tricycle with Parts from Garage

Inventor Creates Sun-Powered Tricycle with Parts from Garage

“There’s nothing like it out there.”

While billionaires create “meta” worlds with fake sun, one inventor is using our very real sun to a power trike in Stockton, CA.

Milton Butler’s sun-powered ride was inspired by a dream. “And in that dream, I saw the sun shining bright and I knew I had to build something to harness its energy. And that’s exactly what I did!” he said.

The trike’s name has a special meaning inspired by his late wife. “I call it the Duckie. That was my wife’s name, and everything she did was perfect to me and when I built this in her name, it came out perfect the first time.”

Duckie is powered by a small electric motor and two batteries charged by a solar panel. “It’s a seamless system, the sun charges the batteries which keep the motor running all day long,” said Butler.

News of the eco-friendly trike is spreading fast. “There’s nothing like it out there. I built it in my garage and now people from halfway across the world are asking about it.”

His grandson, Solomon Campbell, loves the trike too. “We don’t need to worry about gas prices anymore. With the solar car, we only run on the sun. No more $5 per gallon gas for us!” he said.

Butler is eager to share his invention with the city officials and is even including a handy phone charger on board. “We ride it every day and never have to worry about running out of juice. It’s time to show the world that sustainable travel is the way to go,” said Butler.

“I’m an inventor, it’s what I do! And this invention is for everyone to enjoy. The sun is always shining, so I rallied my boys and made something we could use to harness that energy,” he says.

Now, Milton is on the hunt for investors who share his vision for a greener, better world.

Imagine if just one of the billions put into the metaverse could fund these types of endeavors… We can only hope.