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It’s Ok. The World Can Hear You Now

It’s Ok. The World Can Hear You Now

How One Surprising App is Changing Everything

Her silvery voice spoke truths so clear, but her words just dissolved into the atmosphere.

She had no platform, no follower count or even a bank account. Yet, she uttered wisdoms fitting for the Sermon on the Mount.

Okay, that’s enough rhyming for now… I’ll just tell the story … from imagination, of course.

Suddenly Stella (first name that came to me) looked at her phone. She wanted to do more than social-media roam (I can’t help it if the rhymes keep coming, ha).

She knew the little phone had power, if used properly of course. But she had no idea her life was about to change course.

Stella heard how podcasts had swept the nation, from fad to faded to total fascination.

But she knew she had not an extra dime to spend. So she just kept crafting letters into truth and beauty to send … somewhere.

Then on a crystal blue night, she gazed up at a star’s companion: the satellite.

At that very moment, to her delight, it beamed down a message making her phone alight.

The news from a dear friend was ground-breaking, nearly left her shaking.

She could now broadcast her message through Apple, Spotify and Google. She could find listeners across the globe, her phone like a cosmic bugle (what else rhymes with Google?).

Her words could finally find a home. There’d be no more need to roam.


What’s Really Happening Here

Stella discovered a podcast service with the humble name of Anchor.

But this is no fledgling start-up, it’s owned by Spotify who gathered masterminds of podcasting to provide every tool and service a podcaster could possibly need — for free!

Even if you’ve never done a podcast before, you can now:

  • Record and edit your podcast entirely through your phone
  • Invite and welcome guests onto your show — instantly!
  • Monetize your podcast with built-in ads (like YouTube)
  • Get nice quality recordings without a fancy microphone. You simply talk into your phone. And guests joining from across the globe sound like they’re in the same room.
  • Click a button to distribute your podcast across major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify (of course), Castbox, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, and more.
  • Did I mention it’s free?

Some may say there’s already so many podcasts out there, do we really need more? But isn’t podcasting just like someone’s voice signature, their vocal journal? To borrow phrasing from Andy Warhol, “In the future, everyone will have a podcast.” Learn more about Anchor here.

But what about Stella?

She shared her podcast with her inner circle, without thought of money or fame. Somehow it reached friends of friends and others. To her it was all the same.

For while writers on Medium like to write, and YouTubers cast their video light, Stella speaks through Anchor with silvery voice on a crystal blue night.