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Lethal But Legal Attraction Boosters

Lethal But Legal Attraction Boosters

Use These Tips At Your Own Risk

A pair of twins walk into a party… One wears blue and carries on a polite conversation with a nice smile. The other wears red and broods, until they see you, then they smile just slightly.

Who are you more attracted to?

Scientists have a pretty good guess which twin you’d want more, as you’ll see below…

First, Conquer the Moment

Woman taking picture of people at a festive party.
Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

We all carry bad mojo based on the stuff in our past that hinders the present.

Before you can boost your attraction levels, you need to drop all that— at least while you’re in a social scene.

It’s so much more fun to just let go of all the baggage and accept our own imperfections, even celebrate them!

By temporarily tossing the ego, good stuff can happen, like powerful bonds. And you’ll look better without a chip on your shoulder, too.

The Darting Gaze … cue romantic music 🎻

Man and woman staring into each other’s eyes outside.
Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Maybe sunlight just struck you and your love interest the moment you embraced… Or maybe you just shared a good joke, that’s when you do this…

Dart your eyes back-and-forth between your love interests’ eyes. Look into the left eye, then the right eye, and back again… They’ll see you as caring about their “whole person” and a connection will deepen. This is a delightful way to have an intimate yet innocent encounter.

But only do it on someone you really like, as those eyes go deep!

The “Innocent” Touch

A slight push on the shoulder after a joke, a gentle pat on the back after something sad is expressed … or if you want to go further: tap the knee playfully after you make a point. If the vibe is right, bam! You’ll send an electrical charge up their thigh.

And it goes both ways… Stroke your lip while they’re talking to you, smooth your hair, tug your ear just slightly. You’re getting physical without even touching them, which will make them drawn to you.

A Kick in Your Step

Friends walking together, one man has a kick in his step.
Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

This is especially true for guys, but ladies can benefit with more kick in their step too. People have no idea the importance of walking when it comes to attraction!

So much can expressed by a walk: energy level, confidence, introvert or extrovert, sexual adventurousness … dang!

Once you have a little kick in your step, ladies can boost their allure further by swinging their hips, and guys by swinging their shoulders.

Get your swagger on, you’ll feel a spike in confidence from walking this way too.

The mind takes cues from how the body moves.

The Long Pause and Slight Smile

Attractive woman staring seductively at a bar.
Photo by Maks Styazhkin on Unsplash

When you’re talking to someone you like, if you pause long enough, you break the “stride” of regular interaction, and that can land both of you in the present moment.

Sometimes awkward confusion or laughter might follow. That’s fine, let it. Because you’re showing you don’t play by the same boring rules that keep everyone lost in a dull haze.

You’re the real deal.

While the rest of the world says generic stuff like, “Have a nice day” when it’s at 9 at night, you’re words will be a source of surprise and mystery.

With a slight smile and just the right glance into their eyes (but not a soul-penetrating stare which can be creepy) you may win yourself a mate, or at least a good friend.

Red Makes It Primal…

Same man with obscured face in red shirt and blue shirt.
Credit: University of Rochester

No, they didn’t melt this guy’s face, they obscured it because he was part of a scientific experiment. Researchers showed people images of the same person, but changed the shirt color digitally.

The one with the red shirt was deemed overwhelmingly more attractive. It sounds ridiculous, right? Same guy, same everything but red shirt instead of blue…

Take a glance around crowds of modern people today, and most everyone is wearing muted, neutral colors. That makes someone wearing red really stand out!

There’s also yummy foods like cherries, strawberries and tomatoes that may induce our desire for red… Or maybe it’s because red is the fastest moving color on the spectrum, and therefore the most stimulating.

Actually, it goes even deeper…

Scientists showed that this attraction with red goes back to prehistory and even pre-humanity. A study discovered it goes all the way back to primates, like in mandrills and gelada baboons. The alpha males have red markings, and are sought out by females for protection and resources.

Sounds like the attraction to red is hard wired!

The “You Won Me Over” Look

Speaking of looks, studies show women prefer men who give off a brooding or even a proud look over a guy who is smiling too much.

Mystery is attractive.

However, once a man makes eye contact with a woman, that’s when to break into a smile, like she conjured it. With this one, getting the timing right is key to a magic moment. Miss the timing, and all of history might shift…

For women, the equivalent is looking pouty or proud, and when the guy makes eye contact with you, soften into a sultry daze (I’ve had that happen to me and I was hopeless)!

Keep Hands Where We Can See ‘Em

According to psychology, placing your hands behind your back tells people you’re hiding something.

Otherwise, hands are powerful tools of attraction. Making gestures while you speak is sexy when done slowly and smoothly, like the hands are dancing to the rhythm of the words. Just don’t overdo it or you might look spazzy.

Also, when wanting to rest your hands, instead of placing them in your pockets, place them boldly on your waist. Or to go a step further, rest your thumbs in your waistline or belt (like a cowboy) with your fingers dangling around your pelvis and hips. Careful with this one!

And Finally, Live Your Own Movie!

Actress Hedy Lamarr in balck-and-white hold fan, with head jewelry.
Hedy Lamarr, in the public domain by ArtTower from Pixabay.

An actor doesn’t win an Oscar because they read the lines perfectly and showed up on time. They win by fusing the unique essence of their soul into the character so profoundly, that we forgot the famous person we knew and we’re swept into the story.

Same thing for attraction. You are living your own movie. Pour your essence into the roles you play so profoundly that you forget about trying to attract anyone because you’re having too much fun living.

That’s the most attractive quality of all.