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Level Up Your SEO Content Writing with Quora

Level Up Your SEO Content Writing with Quora

Most content writers focus on the same keywords for SEO. But what if there were overlooked keywords somewhere just waiting to boost your Google rankings?

Enter Quora, the “Question or Answer” site with over 300 million active users already dominating many of Google’s organic search results.

Keywords from Quora are especially valuable as they come straight from users instead of search engine bots.

Creating Solutions to Problems is Good Business

Every question on Quora is essentially a problem that a real human wants to be solved.

What’s more, as some questions are lengthy, Quora is great source for “long-tail” keywords that your competition might miss.

As questions on Quora are up-voted, it’s easy to see the most popular “problems” (ie business opportunities). Hundreds or thousand of up-votes means there’s a strong desire for a solution.

Here’s the gist: popular questions can become the keywords others overlook.

How to Find Valuable Keywords on Quora

To discover the most popular questions on Quora, go to their website (preferrably on a computer for the most detailed results) and type in a keyword related to your business in the top right search bar.

Example: with the explosive growth of podcasts out there, a key problem can be standing out from the crowd to attract listeners. So let’s say you want to offer a solution by helping podcasters market their broadcasts.

Let’s go to Quora and simply type in “podcast.”

Here’s the results:

Check out the third result… There are 6,700 people following that question. And you won’t readily find that keyword phrase in Google’s keyword planner…

The next step? Perhaps create a page on your business site that answers the question in the title: 15 Favorite Podcasts to Listen to in the Morning.

Build a content-rich page (the longer the better). Then, link to that page using the same long-tail keywords.

Finally, answer the question on Quora, but maybe just list 10 of the answers, and invite the reader to see the remaining 5 by visiting the new page on your website.

The key is to provide valuable info to the Quora audience, which will increase the chance of your question getting up-voted.

Smart SEO players know how Quora and Google can play well together. Now, you know too.

Best of all, you not only help users on Quora, but also boost your content within Google’s organic search results. It’s a win-win.