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Life Can Be Hard, Here’s How to Make it Easier

Life Can Be Hard, Here’s How to Make it Easier

I Can’t Believe We’re Pulling It Off!

Really? We’re spirits running around in bodies, but most of us don’t know?

And we’re riding on a rock that’s hurdling through space? Following a sun that’s destination is a giant explosion?

Yes, that’s the movie we’re in. And yes, you’re the star.

At first, it looks like we’re in a tragedy…

Each one of us is born in pain and with great sacrifice, and we often die in pain with great sacrifice.

We live lives of quiet desperation doing what others told us to do, because we forgot to listen to ourselves.

We fall madly in love with people who may not love us back. Or they may love us for awhile and then not, or die. Better to have love and lost? Sure, if you don’t mind the river of tears in between.

We have kids who make us question the very nature of ourselves, reality and the universe. Their every move can bring us joy or pain. Then, they become teenagers, and we thought the sleepless nights with baby were a challenge…

We’re brainwashed 24/7 by marketers who are trying to sell us things with absolutely no regard to how they affect our mental or physical health. In fact, almost all the alluring things you’ll drive past today or see on your screen are bad for you. But if you buy them, someone else will make money, and that’s why they are presented to you ceaselessly.

And then you think, “Oh, at least we have great doctors to help us when our health goes wrong…” Problem is, modern doctors are thriving in a culture where money is God. Prescriptions are designed to keep people hooked, and doctors are trained to respond more to issues than to prevent them through lifestyle changes.

The treachery of existence is spoon fed to us by pointless meetings, empty obligations, meaningless tasks repeated daily and time-sucking vampires known as influencers.

Those of us in a free society sometimes wonder if everyone actually wants it free, their personal opinions have grown so radically aggressive and public.

We’re told to find a job doing what we love, but often that doesn’t bring much money, so we work for money which doesn’t bring much love.

We live in the most wondrous, miraculous age of technology, but it mostly distracts us from pursuing meaningful interactions and goals. We’re like a kid in a candy store with so many options that we become powerless to choose.

We’re shown the heights of success, but in the same instant are given a million distractions that prevent us from taking the steps needed to get there.

The all-powerful God and creator of this universe is mostly invisible to the naked eye. And then the people who almost die and gain spiritual secrets return to their loved ones who scoff at any “near-death” experiences and go right on living plastic lives.

Then we do die and everyone cries as if that was the end of our existence, even as we watch them weep from the Other Side.

So what’s really going on down here?

Stained glass design spiraling upward.

Maybe this is just a big training ground, and those who do well go on to some higher adventure. Maybe those who don’t do well simply return in a new body to try again. Or maybe they’re taken up to purgatory, where they are purged for their next chapter of existence.

The only thing we do know is that there is no love without loss, no high without low, no creation without destruction…

Maybe that’s the key, in the opposites…

The only way to know the light is to know darkness.

The only way to know heat is to know coldness.

The only way to know joy is to know sadness.

The opposites actually complete a circle, and that’s what happening. We’re completing circles that are slowly spiraling upward, like the Earth following the sun through space. The explosion at the end is the death of our ego.

The dark side of a circle spirals into the lighter side to complete the whole.

That means it’s only hard down here when we struggle with the opposites, when we fight the flow of the spiral. But when we let go and surrender, the spiraling motion of the universe takes us higher, right up to our highest selves.

So the choice is ours. We can make it really hard down here with struggle, or really easy with a little trust in the flow of the spiral.