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Lost Dog Walks 10 Miles to Ring Shelter’s Doorbell with Her Nose

Lost Dog Walks 10 Miles to Ring Shelter’s Doorbell with Her Nose

Who Needs GPS with such “Paw-some” Navigation Skills?

In a heartwarming tale of determination and intelligence, a husky-mix named Bailey found her way back home after being lost in the vast neighborhood of Upper El Paso. The furry heroine’s incredible journey was captured on camera and has since gone viral on social media.

After recently getting adopted from an Animal Rescue League in Canutillo, the dog became lost. Bailey’s family contacted the place they adopted her, the El Paso Animal Rescue League, to help find their beloved pet.

However, the clever dog had other plans and took matters into her own paws. After walking ten miles, Bailey arrived at the Rescue League and used her nose to ring the bell at 1:40 AM, all caught on surveillance camera.

Loretta Hyde, the Rescue League’s founder, was amazed by Bailey’s resourcefulness and intelligence. She shared her thoughts with us, “These dogs are incredible creatures, and Bailey’s determination and instincts are a testament to their intelligence. We were astonished by her ability to find her way back home.”

Animal Rescue League of El Paso

Luckily, the Rescue League team was there to greet Bailey, and they immediately got her inside to safety. Before long, Bailey was reunited with her loving family.

The Rescue League was amazed by Bailey’s amazing journey and even wondered what she ate and drank during those days. Bailey’s founder, Loretta Hyde, said, “These dogs are smarter than people give them credit for.”

After being safely reunited with her family, Bailey has become a local sensation, and her story has warmed the hearts of many. The El Paso community is grateful for the efforts of the El Paso Animal Rescue League, who played a vital role in Bailey’s safe return home.