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Man Finds 5K in His Fast-food Bag — Then Does This

Man Finds 5K in His Fast-food Bag — Then Does This

His Sister Called it a “Test of the Universe”

An Indiana man received much more than a Sausage McMuffin from the McDonald’s drive-thru. Instead, he found stacks of money in individual Ziploc bags totaling around $5,000.

Josiah Vargas, aka @dookiedoeboy on TikTok, was shocked by the discovery and took to TikTok to share his experience.

Despite the temptation to keep the money, he decided to do the right thing and return it to the McDonald’s workers. Upon returning to the store, he was greeted with relieved reactions and even a hug from an employee. The workers were so grateful that they even called him back later and gave him $200, as well as a month of free McDonald’s meals.

In the end, Josiah was visibly joyful as he shared the moral of the story — “do good, people.” By returning the money, he not only avoided all kinds of problems as drive-through’s are filmed, but now has the reputation of a truly honest man, an extra $200 and a viral TikTok video.

Commenters on the video praised Vargas for his honesty and integrity. The “official” TikTok account for Santa Claus even commented, saying “Your integrity is worth more. Good job.” Some TikTok users have even tagged McDonald’s and suggested the company reward Vargas for his good deed.

Vargas’ sister, Haddie Keenum, has started a GoFundMe campaign here to support her brother and has raised over $1,700 of its $5,000 goal at the time of this writing. Keenum writes in the campaign description that it was “100% a test from the universe” and that Vargas did the right thing by returning the money and saving the McDonald’s employees and the company from losing thousands in cash.