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Manifesting Income and Dreams

Manifesting Income and Dreams

Assume the Best, Then Add a Dash of Magic

Part 1: The Mystical Side of Business

Did you know if you assume someone likes you, they’re actually more likely to?

That’s because you allow yourself to be more vulnerable and open with someone you think likes you, which boosts your likability.

Here’s another one: Some of the most successful people start out delusional, believing in the impossible … helping them actually achieve it.

If Jeff Bezos never thought he could build the Earth’s Biggest Bookstore, he wouldn’t have done that and more. If Elon Musk didn’t think he could make electric cars cool, he never would’ve tried.

Delusions… Assumptions… We were taught to believe these are bad, and they are if applied in negative ways. But when we flip to the fantasy realm, they can actually manifest dreams into reality.

What’s this mean scientifically? We’re talking about the power of the subconscious. What we believe deep down in our core, often comes to pass. That’s because our subconscious governs much of our behavior, so is reflected in action.

Believing your dreams will actually come to pass can actually help open the doors for them to happen.

Some might say the Law of Attraction, or Law of Assumption, or Power of Faith … they all have the same conclusion: Act as if you already are the person you want to be who already has what you want, and they’re more likely to transpire.

Watch your words too, like switch “I hope” to “Just watch…”

Part 2: The Practical Side

Now that we’re imagining we’re already going our new business, here’s some practical advice from many years working as a solo-preneur.

Be Vulnerable Yet Invincible

Yes, I know this is a paradox, but deeper truths often come in that form.

Many people don’t want to make themselves vulnerable — but it’s required to succeed.

Olympic gold medalists must first look like struggling amateurs, but the best ones are already picturing themselves winning the gold…

Just take the steps in quiet confidence.

To be invincible means to not worry about other people’s judgment. In fact, don’t even talk about what you’re doing to others. I’ve heard that talking about doing something makes you 90 percent less likely to do it, because you’re already getting the reward psychologically.

Just do what needs to be done.

One day you’ll wake up, and all that quiet patience and focus will pay off, and the momentum will carry you even further than you imagined.

Start with baby steps

Many are frozen into inaction by making the stakes too high.

Some might say you have to throw in your entire life savings, quit your job and even avoid your family to make it happen.

You really don’t.

Starting your own business can be as easy as going to order a website package during your lunch hour. Then, in the evening, you start adding content to the site.

You can start creating your own thing and experiment with it to discover if you really want to do this, with hardly anything riding on it!

I’ve “launched” many businesses only to realize there was no way I wanted to do this all the time, so I jumped ship. Each time, my loss was around $20 (domain/hosting), which made it easy to move on to the next idea until I found the right fit.

People only care if…

Have you ever heard of the Spotlight Syndrome? It’s when we think there’s always a spotlight on us and everyone cares so much about what we’re doing. The reality is, most people are too caught up in their own spotlight!

Others won’t be that impressed you took the bold step of doing something yourself, until your thing actually takes off.

Nobody cares that much … unless there’s something in it for them.

If you’re satisfying a need out there, and you feel good doing it, go for it. Start by visualizing yourself already where you want to be. Think it. Breathe it. Relish in it. Then simply start doing it. The world needs you.

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