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Meet Solana: the Hot New Crypto Coin Up 300% + in a Month

Meet Solana: the Hot New Crypto Coin Up 300% + in a Month

She’s The Coin That Can, But Will She Stand the Test of Time?

She’s fast.

She’s affordable.

She’s sexy Solana.

With so many crypto coins out there, it’s fun to give them personalities. Lately, a newer coin called Solana is making waves. What’s she like?

First, with a name like Solana, we know she’s a lady. With a ticker symbol like SOL, we know she’s deep. But that’s her moon (hidden) side.

What everyone notices about her first is speed.

Yet, she’s affordable too, which is why she’s catching it-girl Ethereum’s attention. And even more so, her developers.

Ethereum’s devs are used to working with the high-maintenance euro-glam girl and her blockchain bling. But what if they notice this more effervescent and silvery maiden, Solana? the new girl in school?

Would those transaction-time-weary devs get lured to the “other side”?

And it’s not just Ethereum noticing.

Even cute Doge likes to sit and wag in the presence of this beauty.

But she’s far from a meme coin (and so is Doge, really). This gal can process 65,000 transactions per second.* Impressive for the new blockchain in town.

Wow, what?

Much wow, that’s what.

Even the cool professor with the pipe, Cardano, might feel an attraction. Will he get invited to be part of her universe? Or vice versa?

Oh, and About Those NFTs?

In Solana’s NFT universe, artists can mint works for much less than Ethereum and her gas fees. That means means more ramen and beer money for the starving digital artist.

She likes to hang with a wild bunch, Degenerate Apes to be exact.

Straight outta San Francisco, this girl’s got a lot of techies on her team who know what they’re doing.

She’s got such a sweet name … Soooolannnaa … is that a song?

And those green candles, from summer to September with hardly a down day? What is this chick on? Proof-of-stake gin and proof-of-history tonic?

Do I hold Solana? Yeah, at the time of this writing…

Will I hold her forever? Nothing is forever (except real love and that transcends any coin). Also, we never know what tomorrow brings and this is an investment, not a marriage. But right now she’s the hottest thing in town.

Solana yearly chart, courtesy Coingecko.

PS: She Ages Like Fine Wine

Solana’s built to get better with time. How? In theory she’s designed to scale with Moore’s Law, according to Gemini, “doubling in capacity every two years with improvements in hardware and bandwidth. In other words, as computers get faster, so will Solana.”


To never let Solana (or any coin) break your heart, only use money you’d otherwise blow on entertainment, because that’s all some of this is currently. But of course, entertainment is big business. Ape on…

* Note that transactions per second are reported as accurately as possible from trusted sources, however there are differences among various tests that should be noted.

Standard disclaimers: This is not financial advice, and meant for educational purposes only. Note the author may hold the coins mentioned. Remember: Trading cryptocurrency is extremely risky and people should only invest what they can afford to lose.