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Joe primarily considers himself a fellow soul sharing what’s helped him in a loving manner.

Joe was born in Taipei, Taiwan to American parents as his Father finished his graduate studies. He was swiftly whisked to South Bend, Indiana where he grew up and earned a degree from the University of Notre Dame. He was trained to be a journalist.

Joe is the father of 2 sons, and has been married for 25+ years to Melissa Moody, who also teaches Qigong at Club Qigong.

Joe has worked for many media outlets, with positions ranging from beat reporter to Editor in Chief. Joe currently writes for and, and also publishes pieces here and over at the Club Qigong Blog. Joe’s business credentials include founding Online Institute LLC in 1996, where he helped with media communications for the Queen of England’s quarterly financial reports. He also gained a large following on social media, sharing insights for life.

Joe has been practicing Qigong for more than 20 years and teaching for three, studying under many masters. It wasn’t until the pandemic that Joe realized how much this practice helps him, and how much the world needs it. He’s been sharing Qigong insights and teaching the forms since 2020, focusing on what works for him, and relating them as a friend over at the Club.

Joe wrote and Directed Starry Night: The Play, and is now acting and directing in the movie version of the script. Learn more at the official Starry Night website.

Joe was born a drummer, first on pots and pans, then formally trained at age 12. He and Melissa’s two sons were drummers in the school band, and are both musicians. Joe plays on a Pearl kit with Zildjian Cymbals and Sabian XSR hi-hats. Drumming also helps inspire Qigong flows.

One of the most common questions Joe gets is about his age, often mistaken for being in his thirties or even twenties. Find out the real answer Here.


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