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More Good News: Texas Janitor Retires in Style after $270K is Raised by Students

More Good News: Texas Janitor Retires in Style after $270K is Raised by Students

Students Use TikTok To Attract Over 8,600 Donors

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The students of Callisburg High School in Texas rallied together to raise a whopping $270,000 for their beloved 80-year-old janitor, Mr. James, who had to come out of retirement due to a sudden increase in rent.

What started as a humble GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $10,000 quickly gained traction and became a viral sensation. The students used their tech-savvy skills to spread the word through social media, including TikTok, and soon garnered attention from all corners of the country.

According to senior Marti Yousko, “We knew people would want to help, but we didn’t know it would blow up like this. It’s crazy to see something like this happen.”

A single TikTok video posted by senior Greyson Thurman, featuring Mr. James cleaning the school hallways, was enough to get the ball rolling. In just 12 hours, they had already reached their initial fundraising goal. Most of the donations came from fellow students and the local community.

Principal Jason Hooper expressed his gratitude for the students’ initiative, saying, “It’s just amazing to see the need that was met because of three kind kids, and all of our students who have pitched in to help that need.”

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of people from all over the country, Mr. James was able to retire in style and comfort. The fundraiser was even featured on local news, where it caught the attention of people far and wide, all wishing Mr. James a happy retirement and the students a job well done.

A thank you note from the GoFundMe student organizers said, “Thank you everyone who donated and helped Mr. James enjoy his retirement, he asked for us to take down the GoFundMe today, He is VERY appreciative of everyone willing to give up their time to help him out and change his life. You all have shown what can happen when everyone gets together to help others!!! I think God did this to show that no matter how much evil there is good will always show it’s self! Mr. James thanks you all!! God bless yall!”