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My Secret to Writing Two Viral Articles in One Day

My Secret to Writing Two Viral Articles in One Day

Here’s My New Repeatable Formula

I spent over a week working on an article, researching, finding different points of view and gathering data. I wrote a long, long article that I was sure would cause a stir as it had so many original insights. Right?

It went nowhere.

In fact, I ended up deleting it because it had too many arguments that were mixed together like noodles in a bowl of spaghetti. I did retain it in draft form.

I Said, “What The Hell” and Had Fun

I fell into a groove and started writing and publishing articles in a flow state, choosing topics that interested me and telling the world insights and lessons learned.

None were intended to be epic (and they aren’t), in fact they were just meant to be insights shared on the fly. Easy to write, easy to read.

I also focused on writing more of what stats showed already resonated with my readers, a tip from fellow writer Tom Handy.

Total views so far after 12 days:

Two Viral Articles Written on the Same Day.

First, they were topics I’m excited about, stuff I might talk to people at a party about or whatever.

Second, I have to have a pretty strong opinion about the topic and even a solution or innovative ideas to present.

Third, I have to deliver it in a conversational voice and not sound like an article writer. Readers need to get lost in the personality of the writing, even if it’s a somewhat dry subject like earning extra income.

So here’s My 5-Step Viral-writing Formula I Came Up With:

  1. Have a strong point of view on anything.
  2. Be excited to talk about it, with a conversational sense of playfulness.
  3. Build the suspense, the more the better.
  4. “Kill it” in your delivery.
  5. Leave Them Wanting More (then they’ll follow etc.).

The article about crypto I wrote in the morning, essentially just sharing stuff I already knew. I did do some research and added a chart (investors love charts). I also added an appropriate disclaimer which I believe increases the chances of getting curated as I describe here.

The second article I wrote after a fun evening, which was answering a question someone asked me. The entire article was written in a flow state and it got way more response than I ever would’ve imagined. I also learned some things from the comments on that one, lol.

I’ve had more luck since then replicating the formula, and I noticed the ones that didn’t follow the formula didn’t do well either. Not sure if this is the holy Grail, but I’m getting close.

The two articles from the same day that went viral:

This article too, was written in a flow state, with a strong point of view and following the five step formula. Of course that doesn’t mean this will go viral. The formula doesn’t guarantee success, as subject, voice, word-choice and so much more go into the equation.

But having this formula may at least help save me time writing and even enjoy the process more, not to mention get more views and help more readers.

I am still working on another epic and don’t expect it to go viral. I just feel sometimes I need to get those out, but I realize now they’re more just expression and going viral would just be a bonus.

Yeah and that brings up the last point, never expect to go viral, that’ll kill your chances as it brings over-confidence. Just have fun and stay in that flow.…

Have you had any success going viral? Feel free to share your insights in the comments, and happy writing my friend. 🙏