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My Top Cold Killers

My Top Cold Killers

That Slow Aging Too

I used to get sick a lot. It was from pretty typical stuff, like working too much, drinking too much, thinking too much. Eventually, tired of being tired, I decided to go all-in on boosting my immune system.

I knew I couldn’t achieve my goals if I got sick every time I reached for them.

Little did I know the same techniques that stop colds also slow aging, boost happiness and shed fat. Whaaat?

So, to get right to the point, here’s my top tips. I’ve listed them in the order I usually do them (on an ideal day, anyway):


A stretch with prayer— I do a victory pose with a custom prayer of thanks, guidance and protection. This is crucial to starting the day.

Fresh-squeezed juice — lemon in room-temperature water is great, or I’ll start with a cup of pure fresh-squeezed carrot juice. Carrot is strengthening, energizing, nutritious and surprisingly sweet!

Ashwaganda with tumeric, cayenne and honey — this isn’t for everyone, but I pour a couple capsules of Ashwaganda powder (Indian Ginseng) into a spoon, add a dash of turmeric and cayenne and then pour some honey on top for sweetness. Then I put it directly in my mouth. If you’re not up for this level of rawness, you can just take the supplements in capsule form.

The maha-mudra stretch— I do this stretch before I even look at a screen. It gets me flexible and feeling grounded for the day. It essentially involves sitting and touching the toes while connecting the intuition chakra with the root chakra. I’ll write an article on this soon.

A yummy, chocolatey Cacao Ceremony with meditation — A wrote an article on how to drink raw chocolate in the morning for a boost in intuition and energy. Meditation works great following a few sips…

First work session…

I do some writing (like what you’re reading) and check my messages… Then it’s back to wellness:

Qigong with Lohan Patting — “qigong” means cultivation of life force energy. Lohan Patting is a powerful routine where we enervate our tissues through tapping or slapping various parts of our body. It’s cleans and strengthens the whole body. I’ll do a video on this soon for my Qigong Facebook Group (all are welcome to join)…

Oatmeal and raisons — this two-ingredient breakfast works wonders in too many ways to list, but it’s both grounding and full of fiber.

Vitamins — I usually take Vitamin C, D, L-Lysine (for antibodies), Magnesium (for anti-stress) and an L-Tyrosine (induces happy thoughts naturally). The shakes (see below) have more vitamins.

Do some more work…

Full exercise with yoga — I created my own routine, and I recommend you do the same. Find out where you’re lacking and work on those areas. For me, I do the tree pose (balance), arm swing and touch my toes (flexibility), shoulder stand, sit ups, boat pose, push-ups, plank and then a rest with corpse pose. Essentially I mix yoga with strengthening exercises. I’ll be releasing an article on this full routine in the future.

More work…

Breathing exercises and meditation — I started doing breathing exercises years ago and consider them one of the main reasons I don’t get sick near as much anymore. Proper breathing can stimulate the rest and digest response, which puts the body into healing mode. Being able to do this whenever one wants is truly a gift and even a super power. Also, with breath awareness comes body where it is, so you can nip things in the bud before they get worse.

More work…

A brisk walk with tunes —First, I gotta have my tunes when I walk! Also, adding a little hot/cold exposure therapy is great, meaning I might go for a really quick walk in the cold and then going to my car with the heat on high. There’s all kinds of variations of this.

More work…

A foot bath if needed — if my hands and feet are getting cold after some work or a walk, I simply take a nice foot bath. The warm water first heats my feet, then circulates through my whole body until I feel the tips of my fingers warm. It’s soothing mentally as well. I do one of these almost every day.

A spicy snack —spices like hot peppers and garlic not only clean out our bloodstream, they enervate our tissues to get rid of things like sore throats. I love hot stuff and if I feel any kind of tickle or some cold coming, I go all in with the hotness.

A chocolate protein shake for lunch — my lunch is usually two different protein shakes mixed together, both chocolate flavor, with banana and spinach add it in. It’s yummy, fast and makes me feel freaking amazing.

A little more work…

A short nap or light rest — there’s a reason siestas are such a thing in many places, they reset the body and mind for a second day of activity. It’s so awesome having two days for every one day others experience!

More work, usually the boring stuff as I wake up…

Another walk — my afternoon walk I usually like to go somewhere deep into nature, whether it’s a forest, by a lake or just somewhere where I can commune with the natural forces that govern our Earth. Being in harmony with nature puts us in harmony.

More work to finish day…

A spicy dinner — tacos or soup are both the perfect dinner for me. Be careful you don’t eat too much at night, cause your body takes longer to burn off food eating later. If you want to grub out, do it earlier in the day.

Passive entertainment — when I say passive, I mean something that doesn’t require scrolling and getting stimulated on social media sites that may require your response. I’m talking about reading a good book (or your Medium app, of course) or watching TV. Let go and absorb for awhile!

Oatmeal and raisons (again) — this simple snack finishes the night right, cleaning up all before it … followed by vitamins (similar to morning vitamins, minus the L-Tyrosine).

Embracing Nothingness — doing nothing is such a powerful thing, and often prevents us from doing something stupid. Allow moments of complete nothingness where your mind just wanders.

A thank you —I express more gratitude to the Creator before bed, because we might just meet before the night is through!

Goodnight Moon! 🌝

Last notes…

Massive fruit/veggie intake —A healthy human diet consists of 70 percent fruits and vegetables! To get closer to this goal, I use a shake to get plant-based proteins daily and I juice carrots (or celery) to extract all that natural goodness, so I eat like the equivalient of 10 fresh carrots when I wake up. All this helps the body become more alkaline than acidic. Studies have shown an alkaline body is more resistant to illnesses — including cancer!

Breathe through your nose like this

And mainly, watch the stress! — the chemical cortisol is deadly and that’s what stress produces. It makes us prone to viruses, it shortens life. How to get rid of it? Forgive people, forgive yourself, go have fun, let go of dumb thoughts (just like this) and love life!

Keep mindful of how things are affecting you throughout the day. It’s what you’re doing or thinking helping you or hurting you? Are you feeling stress or peace through your actions? Are you moving with the flow of the universe, or resisting it?

These are questions I asked myself to keep on track, to keep healthy and keep happy not only with myself but with the crazy world around me.

Hope these help you!

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year! 🎉 🙏