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Never Do This With a Woman

Never Do This With a Woman

Unless You Want Her to Dump You

Most women know how to deal with the antics of men. They can handle a rude boy, or a guy dissing her friends or even a bloke acting aloof and distant.

Ironically, such behavior can cause her to obsess over you if she sees you as a “Bad Boy.” And if the relationship is problematic to begin with, that’s the last thing you want or need.

Sadly, there are times when a relationship is so star-crossed, it has to end for the sake of all involved.

And while every man should aim to be a kind gentleman in the presence of a woman (even if the relationship is cursed), it can be confusing on how to finish a bad affair with a bit of grace.

The key, as we found in the previous article, is to get her to break up with you. How? There’s one thing that will turn her off (to the core!).

This is especially true if the relationship is intense, whether platonic or romantic. She wants to feel like the intensity is the same with you as it is for her.

And there’s one sign to her that means more than anything, which conveys through action if you’re really into her: your responsiveness.

Women are moody, and they’re not always in the mood to interact with the men in their life. During those times, it’s important to give her space. But when they are ready to mingle, you damn well better be there johnny-on-the-spot!


Let’s say you are texting with a female you like, and the exchange is going real well. But then you get interrupted and have to go do something. She sends you a sizzling question but gets no reply back…


You think she’ll be understanding, knowing how busy you are, and that may even increase your “value” in her eyes. No. She was in the mood and you weren’t there. The iron was hot and you didn’t strike. That’s a fatal flaw in many women’s eyes.

You must respond when she’s in the mood! Even if she texts you after you were just pulled over by a cop for speeding, and the cop wants your license and registration. Tell him you have to do something first and text her back!

Here’s another situation: let’s say she vanished for a while for no reason. It doesn’t matter if she’s “ignored” you for two weeks (who knows, maybe she lost her phone!). Once she finally does make a new contact with you — as long as her reply begins with the reason “why” she vanished (and even better an apology)— then you should reply without missing a beat. (Seems unfair but reality is sometimes.)

To really impress her, show her you’re thrilled that she’s reaching out, or you were “just thinking of her” which is probably accurate if you always are…

The main point, when she’s in the mood to reach out and wants to hear from you, that’s your time to respond. That’s your cue as an actor to light up the stage and show her you’re always ready — for her.

But if you’re looking to end the relationship, simply show non-interest when she’s interested. Become unresponsive during a lively exchange, but don’t ghost (which as mentioned, can cause obsession).

It’s like a guy arriving too late to the party with a lame vibe and offering an even lamer excuse for being late. That’s a big turn-off for anyone.

You’ll cause her to reevaluate the whole thing with you, whether you’re really on the same page or not. In a quiet moment of deliberation, she may cut the whole thing off.

If that’s what you wanted, then you’ve set her free without hurting her feelings. Nicely done.

But if you didn’t want to lose her, you’ve been warned.

So hey, sure there’s some satire here,
as we can’t be expected to “respond” instantly always for love. As for getting a woman to break up first, the modern mind refuses to believe anything but “blunt honesty” is the right way. But the Roman philosopher, Ovid, says otherwise. Based on life experience, I tend to agree (but not in all cases). The true challenge is responding authentically in each situation. Ovid’s words are simply grains of salt to flavor the journey.

Update 2:
A reader just requested this, so here it is:
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