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Our Hearts Know the Future, says Study, so how to Know the Heart?

Our Hearts Know the Future, says Study, so how to Know the Heart?

Science Can Only Take Us So Far

Our hearts can perceive our emotional future up to 6 seconds ahead of our brains, say scientists at the Heartmath Institute in a ground-breaking study.

But are we listening?

I recently wrote an article about these new findings, and interest arose in how to broaden the link between our state-of-mind and state-of-heart…

But first, a recap of how scientists figured out our hearts are like emotional fortune tellers…

Volunteers were shown two sets of images, one set was “neutral” like images of fruit or a landscape, and the other set was emotionally charged — from sexy to scary.

A computer randomly showed pictures as the volunteers’ heart rate, brain waves and other nervous system activity were recorded.

As expected, people’s hearts reacted emotionally to the images that were either erotic or horrific. But what shocked scientists is that everyone’s hearts were reacting seconds before they saw the picture!

“Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring about what others think.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Know your heart, know your future

Personal experience: since hearing about heart precognition, I’ve already seen my consciousness shift in advance of a change in a song, or before someone appears…

As for how to connect better with the heart, there are many ways, and when dealing with such matters, personal experience is paramount. I studied many heart-centering and opening practices, after having to care for my heart the hard way (like we all do at times).

First, we can’t just force our hearts open to gain its secrets. It is like a flower that needs the right soil, water and sunlight to be nourished and open brilliantly.

But instead of soil, self-acceptance is needed, and acceptance of others. The heart is an emotional intelligence center (with its own neurons!) so acceptance calms the emotions to see things more clearly.

Instead of water, the heart needs love, of self and others.

Instead of sun, the heart needs prayer and meditation. Even in the ancient practice of Qigong, the heart is where the body’s physical energy transforms into spiritual energy. Mystics say connection with our Source through the Love of God (or whatever name you use) reigns. Without that, there will always be a hole in the heart nothing else will fill.

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.”
― Blaise Pascal

Combining Yogic knowledge with Qigong and even a Hawaiian tradition with personal experience, here’s some heart-connecting exercises.

Ball of Light Healing — Rub your hands together as if creating heat. Once they are nice and warmed up, bring them in front of you as if holding a ball of light. Pull the ball near your chest, over your heart. Close your eyes, breathing through your nose, and picture some family member or ancestor or anyone you love at a special time in your life. Feel that moment completely for awhile as the ball of light grows. With this good feeling, push the ball of light into your heart-center.

Ho’oponopono — Letting go of grievances to allow for miracles. The connection to our hearts can be blocked by negative emotions we hold for others, whether it’s anger, resentment, jealousy, or whatever. The best practice I found to actually focus on one of them, feel all their intensity without fighting it. Let the emotions pass through you completely with full acceptance. Then, perhaps use the Ho’oponopono meditation of the Hawaiians. You simply focus on what seems like a troubled relationship and repeat, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Heart-centered Prayer — when you pray, don’t just mutter the words, try to be conscious of how you feel, and place your attention down in your heart center as you commune with Source energy. This is a powerful way to better connect brain to heart, as the brain is saying the words, but the heart is feeling their intensity. Mystics say this also makes prayer more powerful.

Heart-opening exercise — stand and fold your hands in prayer position in front of your chest (the heart center). Inhale, opening your hands, your arms spread-eagle and chest open. Then exhale, closing your arms and folding your hands back into prayer position. Repeat as long as comfortable, mindful of the growing connection with your heart as it opens.

Acceptance is what appears to allow the heart to open and release its emotions, without judgement or needing to act on them. This clears the air to allow the brain to tune into the heart, our passionate oracle always one step into the future. ❤️‍🔥 ⏰

Thanks to SNarayana and Cat Strav for helping inspire this article in the comments for the original story.