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Pop Star With 25 Million Followers Dumps Social Media

Pop Star With 25 Million Followers Dumps Social Media

What the Queen of Sad Pop is Teaching Us

Her last album not only debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, it became the fastest selling vinyl record of this century. Between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, she had more than 25 million followers.

But she apparently had enough with the socials.

In a bittersweet video posted to Instagram, Lana Del Rey says she’s signing off.

In what seemed like a video from a bygone era, Lana appeared almost ghost-like as she announced she was about to ghost the entire world of social media.

No stranger to controversy, her sultry-sweet voice sings about the sad, the bad and the mad world we live in. And she doesn’t bow down to the politically correct police or cancel culture, which has gotten her a bit of heat from critics.

She doesn’t filter her statements through a lawyer, or an image consultant. She doesn’t have the pseudo-savvy of an influencer, because she’s authentic.

Lana is unabashedly herself, with conflicting emotions and opinions, full of paradoxes like the most honest of us have. That doesn’t always go over well on social media.

The Problem with Social Media: It Brings Out The Stupid

People are prone to do things on social media they would never do in real life.

Imagine Lana Del Rey walking up to a fan to give them a picture of her. Do you think that fan would ever say, “Hey, why didn’t you crop the picture better?” Of course not. But that’s the kind of crap that happens on social media.

And sadly, we humans love to focus on the negative, even a captain-of-her-soul like Lana can’t help but note the Negative Nellies.

Let’s look at her final statement to see what insights so we can glean.

Transcript of Lana Del Rey’s final video on Instagram … (reading between the lines)

“Hi guys I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow we are going to be deactivating our social media accounts … my social media accounts … and all that is simply because I have so many other interests and other jobs I’m doing that require privacy and transparency.”

Translation: She doesn’t like how social media is neither private nor transparent, and has more fulfilling interests to focus on.

“And I just wanted to say that I’m obviously continuing to make my spoken word albums and my records and still writing my short poetry books. And that I am still very present and love but I do and I’m absolutely I’m here for the music and that I am also just, you know, going on some different endeavors and I want to say thank you so much for all the support and I do hope that you liked the record.”

Lana’s still going to do what everyone loves her for, write and sing. She’s just tired of playing games with losers who have nothing else to do except troll.

It’s a compilation of older songs and a few newer songs, some written by family and friends and mostly old collaborators and there will probably always be more to come…

And you know for now I just want to say thank you so much for the support and it’s been much appreciated and you know I want to say a heartfelt, just, thank you for continuing to kind of see me through the music. It’s always always, important to be witnessed and it’s also really important just to be witnessed by the people close to you that you know and who you trust.

She’s tired of being “witnessed” by complete strangers who can be rude, and would rather be “witnessed” by people she loves and trusts.

And for right now I think I’m going to just keep my circle a little bit closer and continue to develop some other skills and interests. And again I am always here making lots of records and in the meantime, living life. So, I’ve really enjoyed sharing all these very small tidbits with you and I am really so I’ve really blessed so thank you and … signing off.” [flashes a peace sign]

Lana’s reminding everyone that social media is neither a skill nor a real interest, and that it can distract seriously from living a real life.

She does leave one glimmer of hope for her true fans, saying this is just her decision for “right now,” meaning she could change her mind in the future.

What We’re Learning…

Just because we’re “virtual” and semi-anonymous on social media doesn’t mean we should show our ugly sides.

And guess what, you know who mean words really hurt? The person saying them, according to science, releasing toxic hormones in the body. And spiritually, it’s just plain bad karma.

Even famous people have feelings and read/react to comments. They’re actually human and we’re lucky when they share their talents. They owe us nothing.

Dear Lana, thanks for the reminder that there’s a world outside of social media where real things happen, where real relationships are formed. And keep killing it with your singing/songwriting, it’s like a drug). ❤️🙏

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