The Yoga Bundle with Joe – Total Mind-Body Balance

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“I am thrilled to be partnered with some of the top wellness coaches in this amazing life-changing program that will forever connect you with some of the best routines and brightest souls out there.” – Joe

A journey to wholeness like no other

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Whether you’re looking to kick-start your wellness journey, gain more mobility or taste easy-and-healthy recipes, you have at hand a library of 60+ resources curated specifically to nourish your soul and cultivate mindful living.

So many renowned teachers and experts have come together to create this unique collection, which would normally coast upward of $5000 for just $50 –  an unbelievable 99% discount!

Share what’s included in the bundle:
– 60+ yoga programs, guides and ebooks
– Beginner Yoga Programs and Challenges
– Ebooks on Mental Wellness, Self Love and Reflection
– Workout Guides
– Mobility and Flexibility Programs
– Hundreds of Healthy Recipes
– Home and outdoor workouts
– Smoothie & juicing recipes
– Yoga Anatomy
– Breathing workshops
– Guided meditation classes
– Manifestation workshops
– Self-love guides
– Self-reflection guides
– Handstand courses
– Self care activities
– Advanced Yoga Guides
– Joe’s choice Qigong Courses + the Universal Mind Meditation to keep!
– And so much more!