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Props to Those Who Took the Jab

Props to Those Who Took the Jab

We Were Willing to Be the Guinea Pigs

As Americans go back to concerts, restaurants and each other, we have one group to thank: those who took the sting.

While I respect those not comfortable with the vaccine, just please stop spreading fake news about it. I always trust real life experience over someone’s arrangement of words. I got jabbed twice. It’s thick in my blood. My cells can now dance the Corona.

And please stop acting like it’s a sin when colleges require the vaccine. Universities like Notre Dame are making people get the vaccine to return in Fall. That’s their prerogative.

Most primary schools already required vaccines for a host of things before kids are allowed into the classroom. This is a non-issue.

However, it’s worth pointing out that the vaccine is not for everyone, as Yale Health points out here. For those groups, certainly there should be exceptions made to return to class.

Sending DMs to Your Own Body

The vaccines we’re talking about here are the ones from Pfizer/Moderna, the potent mRNA (Messenger RNA) varieties.

I’ll be the first to admit, they are incredibly experimental. In simple terms, we’ve learned how to DM (direct message) our cells.

We’ve entered an age when we can essentially inject computer code that carries out commands within our body. That’s exactly what’s happening. The vaccine teaches the body to create Covid-19 proteins. The body realizes these don’t belong there, which triggers a natural immune response to build up antibodies against the proteins.

Variants like the Delta strain all appear to carry the same proteins, so the mRNA vaccines seems to attack them just as well.

That said, I can see people being a little leery about something so new. But look what we’re going up against. If Covid-19 was man-made, then it makes sense a man-made solution is required. And if it was nature-made, it does the job and we’re lucky to have it.

The cutting-edge vaccine required more bravery for some to take it, and that’s even more reason to thank those who stepped forward for the species.

The Start of a Healing Revolution?

What’s more, there’s a new hope alive that this mRNA tech could someday target cancerous tumor cells, among many other ailments. Now, that would be something.

Just please don’t give the vaxxed any crap. We’re the ones who took the sting in the arm (plus flu-like side effects) for humanity.

Sure, some did it out of pure self interest, just to be over this bat-shit crazy state of affairs. Regardless, when the vaccines spread throughout America, things finally calmed down and society re-opened. Before the vaccine, no amount of safety procedures were truly halting the spread.

So, no matter what you think about the vaccine, why not be grateful for those who stepped up? That’s the only step so far that’s truly bringing us back together. Period.

  • This article is for general informational purposes only and not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for, professional medical advice.