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Psychological Facts About Love

Psychological Facts About Love

Looking into the Heart from the Head

Love is blind, irrational and sometimes even dangerous.

To claim to know “facts” about love can be a true challenge, but that doesn’t stop the readers of Quora from upvoting the best of the best…

And so here they are, compiled and reworked for your edification.

“Facts About Love”

People most often tilt their heads to the right when kissing.

Ignoring your crush only makes you want them more.

Most people can’t make eye contact with their crush, but men make eye contact more easily, while women more often turn away.

Someone who cries with you while you’re in pain is much less likely to leave you.

Love can be as addicting as cocaine. Once you feel it, you’ll want more, and they share the same effects: euphoria, sleeplessness and obsession.

Your favorite songs will conjure your love interest to mind.

Forget money and looks, confidence wins! Simply act like you’re confident even if you’re not (at least in front of your crush).

People are more attracted to busy men and women, which makes sense, as the opposite is someone idle all day which isn’t likely to enthrall us.

Wearing a watch makes you hotter, appearing more organized and mature.

The smarter you are, the more selective you become.

You’re more likely to get mad at your crush over trivial matters.

Happy people are more likely to fall in love as happiness not only makes us more attractive, but makes others happy which magnetizes them to you.

Wearing red makes you more desirable. Perhaps because it’s the fastest traveling color on the spectrum, making it more exciting. There are also many delicious red foods, like cherries, tomatoes and cinnamon.

Women can more easily sense when someone is staring at her, even when she’s not looking at the person who’s staring.

Limerence, the involuntary state of intense desire, was coined by Dorothy Tennov for a 1979 book. It’s said this state can persist for up to 18 months.

Extroverted girls match well with introverted boys.

Your sense of smell plays a crucial role in attraction, linked to the brain’s deepest memories. Thus, the right perfume or cologne can work magic, but too much or the wrong brand can just as easily repel.

Using emojis in your texts can make you seem more likable.

A woman desires a man more strongly when she’s unsure how much he likes her back.

People with different eye colors are more likely to be attracted to each other.

When you’re close to someone, your mind recreates their voice when you read their texts.

Looking at a picture of your beloved one can bring on a feeling of relief, and holding their hand takes it to an even deeper level of tranquility.

You really love him/her right?
I didn’t need to mention a name, but you still thought of that person, a typical psychological reaction. ❤️

Thanks to 3 brilliant Quora writers for the inspiration: Vidhi, Suhail and Sherry.