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She Left Russia to Show The World What We’re Missing About “Fitness”

She Left Russia to Show The World What We’re Missing About “Fitness”

We Can’t See It — but it Means Everything!

I was pretty average, trying to get the proper exercise and nutrition, but I was missing something huge, and it was all around me.

Invisible to the naked eye, it’s as real as other stuff we can’t see, like wifi signals and gravity.

I’m talking about your “Energy Body,” which not only flows through your nervous system, but surrounds you like an aura.

And this isn’t new-age-speak, it’s science.

In fact, every atom has its own electromagnetic field, making your body like a mini power station.

Each of our organs also have an energetic field. In fact, scientists have measured the energy field of the heart filling an entire room. (No wonder love is so powerful!)

To learn more about this, I interviewed “QigongLady” on the Soul Mission podcast. She’s an instructor who helps people get in touch with their energetic side.

Definition: “Qi” (pronounced chee) is Chinese for life-force energy. And “gong” means work, or cultivation. So, qigong is the art/science of energy cultivation, using exercises, meditation and breath control.

“It’s hard to explain something you can’t see,” the 26-year-old said with a laugh. “But you can feel it.” She explained how our energetic body can be felt through tingling sensations, warmth, or even numbness. These are “energetic experiences.”

Natalia, her real name, was born in Kazakhstan and lived there for fifteen years before moving to Russia. “And when I turned eighteen, I moved abroad and started to live abroad.” (She left long before Putin started his horrific “special operation.”)

Now in Abu Dhabi, Natalia said her mom first encouraged her to do Qigong, always encouraging her to go on a life path. “She’s very wise.”

Natalia followed her Mom’s advice and took a class with White Tiger Qigong. “I loved it! The first time I tried it, it felt so powerful. And I could feel straight-away the strength from the form, feel this energy from the form.”

She first learned about qigong the same way a lot of us learn stuff, from the movies.

“I heard about tai chi, you know from the movies.” Tai chi is actually a form of Qigong. “It seemed cool, you know, it had some energy aspects. And this is what what really drew me into the practice, because I didn’t want to just go into the gym.”

She said she was looking for “something deeper, some energy connection, healing connection.” When she discovered qigong, “it just all came into place. And I really really liked it straightaway. It became my path, basically.”

Natalia now teaches White Tiger Qigong, which is one of around 3000 qigong styles. “These are the ancient forms,” she said, rather than more simplified modern forms. She said Qigong helps release negative emotions, heal the organs, work with the spirit, body strength and flexibility.

Discovering Natalia helped me level up my own Qigong practice, and I became so profoundly changed I launched Club Qigong to teach others Qigong for Beginners.

Before qigong, I used to be more of a clutz, often feeling out of sorts. Still today, when my writer-energy flairs up, qigong helps me, you know, chill-ax.

It also just makes me feel good, as we experience energy best as a feeling.

So next time you think of fitness, don’t forget to bring to mind that warm wrapping of energy surrounding and flowing through you.

Wishing you peace, joy and happy energy vibes.

Natalia demonstrates various exercises on her Instagram feed and you can listen to the full podcast with on on Soul Mission here.

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