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Sorry Guys, We Need More Humans or We Could Lose Everything

Sorry Guys, We Need More Humans or We Could Lose Everything

Life As We Know It Depends On This

It’s getting ridiculous… I’m talking to the big-wigs (with hoodies) running the online companies that power our existence these days.

I’ve been doing online stuff for a while now, since people first thought it was a fad. Well, far from being a fad, it’s now the fabric of life.

That means it’s crucial to our survival and evolution for these virtual worlds to sparkle without turning into pools of darkness.

We’ve come a long way, but some of the advances are taking us ass-backwards.

The next big online revolution will be when we begin acting online as we would in real life. And that doesn’t just mean the users of systems, it means those who control the systems.

To See it Clearly, Flip It

To evaluate anything online, I like to flip it and hold it up in the real world and see how it stands up there.

For a light example, if a celebrity stepped out of their limousine and gave you their picture, you probably wouldn’t make a snarky comment about how it’s cropped poorly or looks filtered. But that’s what people do online. Of course, that’s mild example, but you get the point.

Let’s Flip It on a Bigger Scale

So let’s pretend Facebook or TikTok or any online mega-company is a mall (remember those?), where people can mingle, be entertained or shop.

A person walks into the “mall” to meet with a friend. But instead, a bot pretending to be a person approaches and gives them false information.

That person may share the false information to another visitor, or report it to mall security.

But mall security is overwhelmed, so they just dispatch their own bots to go take care of it. Problem is, the imposter bots clone and create “variants” quickly. So the mall’s bots can’t really tell who are the offenders are until humans report them.

The answer seems strikingly simple, hire more “mall security” to oversee the bots.

In other words, artificial intelligence can’t solve everything. These companies basking in profits need more organic intelligence, more people to spot the impostors walking around before users run into them.

The Old Model Is Causing Too Much Havoc

That “We’ll-Fix-it-Once-It’s-Reported” model leaves a lot of time for bad actors to spread fake news, false advertising, set up phony companies that look like real ones and run a stunning amount of ads through seemingly legitimate channels.

That’s because the AI of the company’s bots aren’t able to keep up with the bad guys. But humans can. Humans are immediately able to notice discrepancies, even typos and other irregularities that may elude the bots looking for “yesterday’s” offender.

It May Actually Boost the Bottom Line

Hiring an army of humans may seem costly, but imagine the boost of confidence it would bring users now protected by an expanded team of humans.

The alternative is grim: a world where masses are influenced by false news spread through viral bots, unstoppable by other bots. We can’t let this escalate any further.

The sets up the perfect condition for some crazed dictator-type to spread false news as fast as the delta variant and infect the masses with hate, threatening our own freedoms.

Google realizes the severity of the security situation at hand, and recently pledged to boost cybersecurity by hiring and training 100,000 humans.

So, if the Grand Poobah, Google, understands this, it seems high time for other big players to step up and hire more people. Not just Facebook but all the big online companies weaved into our existence.

That’s how it would be in the “real world” if a mall was overrun with bots causing mayhem, so why not do it in the new real world?