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Superpowers at the Supermarket

Superpowers at the Supermarket

Invisible Energy All Around

Did you know animals and infants can perceive our energetic fields? At least this is a running theory. I’ve already seen many curious animals approach when doing Qigong. And recently, while waiting in line at the supermarket, I noticed a baby with his mother staring into space. I smiled at the baby but he didn’t see me… Then, I decided to simply meditate on expanding my heart energy (the way Qigong taught me). Studies show our hearts have the strongest energetic field. Suddenly, the baby looked over with a smile and started talking rapid “baby talk” to me. The mother looked at her baby in surprise, then glanced at me with a smile as the baby rambled some enchanted message. For me, it confirmed how Qigong and meditation make daily life magical.

Speaking of Energy…
So this is real… I’ve been using the Grounding Mat I told you about recently every night. The results have been mind-blowing to say the least. I simply rest my legs on the mat and have been sleeping deeper and waking up more clear. Have a look-see.

Until next time, sending you good Qi.