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The Dangers of Being Half Woke

The Dangers of Being Half Woke

If You Go, You’ve Got to Go All the Way

First, excuse me for saying “woke,” which Gen Z is now calling a dead term, but it gets the point across, which is the point.

Before Woke

So before becoming more conscious, you might do and say random unfiltered s*** and not think twice about those actions or deeds (or even thoughts). Simple.

Half way there…

You meditated a bit. You became mindful, listening to your breath. Heck maybe you even scaled the Himalayas and spotted a levitating yogi.

Now that you’re a bit more conscious, you’re astounded by the dumb s*** you used to say and the way you may have provoked people.

And if you just stay there, half woke, you’ll just freak yourself out and never say anything again. That’s a common predicament of the half woke. Variations are never being able to use some product or eat some food because it relates back to some misfortune you suddenly became aware of.

The problem with that approach is that it’s fear-based. Truly woke is knowing everything is connected, there is no pure option. And even when you think you made a “conscious” choice, who knows how that will play out.

Half-woke is a tough spot to be in, to see the flaws and think you need to fix them all, or make yourself perfect. That’s not being conscious, it’s being uncompassionate to yourself. It’s straight-up debilitating.

All the Way

To become truly aware, you have to go all the way. You have to be able to see the fire of worldy existence burning, even feel the heat, but be detached enough so that you don’t get burned.

Going all the way means trusting love above all else.

You don’t need to fix every wrong and seek perfection, you just need to be true to yourself. Keep your saltiness about you, even some imperfections, they’re what make you you.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” — Leonard Cohen

Fully woke is to worry less about the other people, and more about what you yourself are putting out there. Just don’t stop putting it out there, as that’s your part in this grand spectacle.

If you think you’re going to completely break away from the illusion we call social reality, you may want to think twice. It is possible, but it’s usually something we gradually work toward, so be kind to yourself and have fun while your soul is in this body.

You’re responsible for your actions, not the fruit of your actions. This seems hard to believe, but being fully conscious means not really worrying about how everyone reacts to what you do and say.

Don’t ever worry, judge, hate or fear, that’s not woke. Truly conscious is accepting everything that’s happened and everyone how they are, knowing there’s a greater plan playing out and that misfortune is just a teacher.

Be yourself in a state of love. Love really is the whole point, it rules all, everything else is the illusion.